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APEX Institute of Management & Science

Apex Group of Institutions is founded by Sanjay Shiksha Samiti, (An Educational Socity Regd. Under S.R. Act. 1958) .The Society during the past 50 years of its glorious & meaningful existence has emerged as an “organization of Excellence” offering remarkable contributions in the field of higher & technical education, apart from its contribution made in school education. The professed aim and objective of the society is to impart quality and value based education to students from PG (Play Group) to PG (Post Graduate) in Rajasthan and other parts of the country.

With an emphasis on innovative programs, dynamic curriculum and general education skills, we are committed to being a pioneer in the field of career-focused education.

We empower our students, faculty and staff to exceed the expectations of society through academic excellence, community enrichment and service to the public good.

The Success at Apex is not only important to students, Its Equally Important to us. Thats why our faculty, counsellors and every member of the college works hard in tandem to provide the students with what is needed to be successful. The campus environment is student oriented and classes prepare them for future challenges.

We place special emphasis on a healthy balance between academic and social development of Student, We help them become well-rounded individuals and motivate them to contribute towards the society and Nation. We prompt inquisitive minds and guide them to make a positive impact through hard work, honesty, integrity, good manners and courtesy.

The Group consist of various Institutes of national level reputation & importance with excellent state-of-the art infrastructure facilities at different locations in Jaipur and Kota, to impart value based education at Diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level in Engineering, Management, Architecture, Computer Application, Pharmacy, Teachers Education. All the Programs/Courses are duly recognized / Approved by AICTE, NCTE, PCI, COA, UGC, NAAC, RTU-KOTA, RUHS, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur & BTER-Jodhpur.The Apex University,Jaipur is an upcoming dream project of the society & is expected to become functional very soon.

The Institutes/Colleges /Schools under the aegis of Sanjay shiksha Samiti include:

Apex International School
Apex Group of Institutions, Sitapura, Jaipur
Apex Institute of Management & Science, Mansarovar, Jaipur
Apex Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sitapura, Jaipur
Apex International Institute of Technology ,Ranpur, Kota
Apex Polytechnic Institute, Sitapura, Jaipur
Apex Institute of Management & Science, Mansarovar, Jaipur
School of Architecture, Apex Group of Institutions, Sitapura, Jaipur
Sanjay Teacher’s Training College, Lal Kothi, Jaipur
Shri Marudhar Keshri Balika STC College, Lal Kothi, Jaipur


The style of the buildings is unique with large rectangular and linear structures dotted around the 32 acre campus with large courtyards. It has been designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions, still connecting the past with modern and contemporary design. The concept of the apex group building and landscape is to create an environment with liveliness, as a playground for dreams and a place for inspiration to the students. The campus is built to bring experience of belongingness which truly represents the character of the apex group. This commitment reflects in everything that you see here – architecture and layout, landscaping, training and technology infrastructure and residential and recreational facilities.

Class rooms

APEX GROUP has a number of well equipped, spacious lecture theatres that can accommodate up to 70 students. The seating arrangement is such that the students get an unhindered view of the faculty and teaching aids from all sides.


Apex Group abounds in well equipped & sophisticated laboratories designed to facilitate the teaching and learning process in tune with the need and aspirations of students. All labs are equipped with Moderns & Hi-Tech equipment.

APEX Group has modern well-equipped labs with diverse high-quality experimental kits to enable students to learn by doing and honing their practical skills.

Apex Group has following labs:

Engineering Mechanical Labs
Engineering Drawing Lab
Electrical Science Lab
Civil lab & Studio
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Electronics lab
Automobile Engineering Lab


The APEX GROUP Central Library is the academic lifeline of the GROUP. The library is open for twelve hours a day and accommodates a large number of students in its reading and referencing halls. The APEX GROUP has gone ahead in making the concept of digital library functional with availability of digital content to enhance the first hand knowledge of the students.

A good collection of reference and text-books and journals of national and international repute is available for the students. The library subscribes to both national and regional newspapers and magazines and journals for the benefit of students and general readers. The library, in addition to text book, caters for general reading and has a special section for books and journals for competitive examinations.

Mess & Cafeterias

 “A Healthy Outside starts from the Inside”- Robert Urich

Apex Group of Institutions is equipped with Hygienic Mess and cafeteria at all the campus situated in Jaipur & Kota. Fully functional vegetarian Mess & Cafe are there to serve hygienically prepared food to the staff and students at nominal rates. A committee of faculty members regularly checks the quality of food.

Apex Mess

Apex Mess serves healthy and nutritious cuisines to its students. Mess facilities are excellent which includes large dining area, four meals a day & Filtered water for drinking. Separate mess are there for boys & girls to accommodate over 100 students at a time. The mess serves Vegetarian Food only and operates in self service mode.

Apex Canteen

All the cafeterias are well maintained with efficient service and hygienic atmosphere. Whole some nutritious food is made available here at nominal rates. The cafeterias provide perfect ambience to all the students & staff to relax & enjoy. Light Snacks, tea, coffee, soup, cool drinks, toffees, cookies and other food items are available in the cafeterias. Cafeteria is the most famous place in campus for physical refreshment and student Bonding, Discussions.


The college has 2 full-fledged air-conditioned and air-cooled auditorium equipped with high tech audio visual facilities for organizing events, seminars, cultural programs, etc. They provide a platform to students to discover their hidden potential.


Apex has a well planned Bus Transportation System to facilitate its students. Our bus routes have been structured, so as to enable us to pick the students from every nook and corner of the city.

Transportation of APEX Group of Institutions

Biggest fleet of Buses for all corners of Jaipur owned by APEX GROUP.
Separate Buses for staff and students.
Well coordinate punctual and regular services available throughout the year.
Bus facility to take students to examination centers.
Bus Facility for Industrial visit.
Full provision of backup service in place to avoid any breakdown.

APEX GROUP helps arouse in the young heart the desire to compete with the best in the world, by nurturing their innate capabilities, helping them in gaining knowledge, training in entrepreneurship and harnessing their creativity. These qualities will help them to successfully compete globally and meet the challenges of the ever changing business and technological scenario.

APEX GROUP has a well laid-out and systematic process of synchronizing its student’s career aspirations with that of the corporate expectations. Leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus, where the eligible students are put through the selection process. The outcome of selection process is governed by the student’s ability and performance, as well as the requirements of the Industry.

On-campus recruitment process for students starts as early as in their penultimate year of study program. The Placement managers use their experience to coordinate the campus recruiting processes. They allow the potential employers to review applicant’s resumes continuously. The department arranges information sessions between the students and the potential employer where students get chance to learn about the organization and ask questions relevant to various job profiles.

Career Development Process adopted at APEX GROUP

* To identify the gap between student performance and corporate expectation.

* To groom the students according to the gap analysis and prepare them for final interviews.

* To conduct mock interviews and group discussions.

To encourage the students to find the fields that match their skills, interests values and personalities.

Building skills

* Skills develop as the students advance in their chosen fields of study. The course curriculum is designed in such a way that it imparts many field specific skills. It is important to have a strong communication skills, have awareness of the current affairs in the country as well as the world.

* To organize plant visits to various manufacturing companies to expose the students to the practical know – how. Arrange for industrial training for students during their summer and winter vacation.

* Providing requisite training in the area of Personality Development and Communication Skills

* To conduct workshops and seminars on the latest subjects and topics as per requirement of the corporate world.

* Lectures by senior corporate executives.

* Sufficient reading material to be made available to help students to prepare for interview.

Placement Support

Planning and organizing On-Campus as well as Off-Campus recruitment activities.
Developing database of students and presenting their curriculum to various industries.
To hold pre-placement talks with prospective employers.
To maintain and create corporate relationships keeping in view the overall interest of the University.
Making the students understand the brand perception of the company, in terms of its reputation, prospective growth and compensation and benefits of the job offers.
Further prospects: whether the job will enable the students to make meaningful contribution to self-growth, company and the society.

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