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How to choose the best MBA institutes in India?


24 Dec 2015
Author : MERIT HUT

In India, it takes nothing to call for an expertise on any subject. Just throw a topic in the air, and you end up finding out thousands of experts talking about it! And everyone is surprisingly willing to give you their free advice!

The point here is- how much are these pieces of free advice actually of any help to you! Or are they at all, really? Most of these ones are half-cooked out of personal perspectives and limited knowledge! Only a few, if at all, are based on pure facts, rationale and logic! But how do you figure out which one are they? So, take a safe route- just ask the right questions to the right set of people!

Where to go for advice on future education

To know about the best MBA institutes in India, it is simple- do not go to the teachers of your kid’s school since they may be really good in their subjects but they are in fact none to know much about the ground reality of higher education, that too in foreign lands for opportunities of studying in USA for Indian students. Find out the experts who know the realities that include educational policies, global economy, upcoming trades and thought paradigm of the existing corporates. Only professionals dealing with the ground reality and coming up with statistical analyses of available facts and resources can help one in such need.

Be sure to believe only in logical findings, do not get carried away by the rankings that so often come up- remember that they are corporate sponsored and hence vested. Based on these, one cannot take the best decision on top MBA colleges in India, and if taken, it is highly liable to go wrong!




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