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B.com Degree Course

B.COM(Bachelor of Commerce )


A Bachelor of Commerce also called B.COM, is an undergraduate degree program and related subject matter. The course is designed to provide a broad range of managerial skills and understanding for students in streams such as finance, accounting, taxation, etc .”

At the University of Birmingham, the Bachelor of Commerce (B.com) degree was first offered. B.com’s duration in India is 3 years. Candidates can use regular and distance mode to pursue B.com.

If you choose B.Com as your career, it’s a wise decision. It’s one of the 10 + 2 trend courses.  It aims at developing entrepreneurial, organizational, decision – making, marketing skills and bringing students into different business principles.  Subjects include:  marketing management, business studies, taxation, financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, etc

Money is running the world. To understand the value of money and basic functions about monetary things, people introduced a basic trade level course called B.com. In this course, you’ll get a general idea of how the accounting part and the economy are working around the globe.

It’s time to face the competitive environment once students clear their class 12th exams. In the number one race, everyone seeks to choose a career opportunity that offers them promising employment opportunities. Considering the same, many students today choose Commerce as a career option. Before enrolling in the program, however, the students need to have a clear idea of the benefits from the same.

B.Com degree

B.Com degree is designed to provide managerial skills for students in business-related disciplines. Students also gain in-depth knowledge of core subjects such as accounting, law, statistics, finance, etc.


We bring the benefits of a B.Com degree to you. Acknowledging the degree’s benefits can clear all your doubts, and can definitely help you make the right choice.
You are fully prepared to be successful in both business and self – employment with a B.Com degree.
Accounting familiarity offers you the ability to understand and investigate financial statements and how they usually adversely affect business. Great knowledge of management and cost accounting practices is crucial in the decision-making and planning processes as well as in determining the performance of business operations of a company.
In this degree course, human resource management is an upgrade option. This choice prepares students with the essential skills to analyze, identify and search for solutions to human resource – related issues.
It covers extremely important managerial processes such as employee selection and recruitment, promotions, employee welfare, talent hunting and, among others, the application of work-related security processes in a company.

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