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Bachelor of Animation

Bachelor of Animation

Bachelor of  animation

Do you have any interest in the Animation and Multimedia field? Are you good at drawing and wanting through your work to express your imagination and creativity? Are you an enthusiast of animation and would you like to take it as a profession? If yes is the answer to these questions, you will receive help from professional animation and multimedia courses.

Animation is one of India’s busiest streams these days. High demand from animators in various media such as films, television, video games as well as industrial machines can be the reason behind the growing popularity of animation courses.

Animation Degree course

Animation undergraduate degree programs provide courses that educate students in the gesture of character, hand-drawn design, stop motion, cutout design, perspective, and composition. Students may need to take more general art-related courses like painting in BFA programs. Common courses that may be taken by students include:
• Methods and Techniques for animation.
• Writing animations
• Animation History
• International movie Theatre
• Visual effects
• Figure drawing

You can use techniques such as 2D hand drawing, 2D generated computer, 3D generated computer, and stop motion or model animation to create animation sequences as an animator. The method depends on your skill set (through training programs).

Computers and different software are being used to create animation works (2D & 3D) these days. Also known as CGI is this field.

We see animation works in different forms in our day – to – day lives. In movies, cartoons, animated films, advertisements, TV shows, websites, etc., CGI can be seen in action.

Popular choices for careers

Graduates can find careers for movies, television, video or computers in special effects or animation. Individuals can find positions as follows:
• illustrators
• artists in multimedia
• production artists
• game artists
• character animation

Constant education

Graduates of bachelor’s degree programs may choose to pursue a master’s degree in animation. Graduate programs in animation typically focus on production techniques in the field, and students can study computer animation and digital media.

To sum up, you can go with a BA, BS and BFA degree in the field if you want to get a bachelor’s degree in animation. These types of programs provide the artistic and creative training that students need to pursue interactive media careers or enroll in a field-based masters program.

Bachelor degree courses

• BA in Multimedia & Animation
• B.Sc. in Multimedia and Animation
• BA in graphic designing and Animation
• Bachelor of Visual Arts ( Animation)
• Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Web Design, and Graphics
• BSc. in Animation and gaming
• BA in Digital Filmmaking and Animation


UG Degree courses are bachelor’s degree programs. The duration of the course is three years.


Students who have passed 10 + 2 from an acknowledged board (any stream – Science, Commerce or Arts) are eligible for this course. In some institutes, there may be minimum criteria for marks (around 50 percent marks).
Animation is most crucial because it actually gives life to the characters and components that help to effectively communicate the audience. … Cartoon animation is one of the best means to teach the children outside of the classroom through the media, according to the teaching point of view.

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