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The most apparent difference between the two is that BE is Bachelor of Engineering and B Tech is Bachelor of Technology. The materials of the course as well as the orientation of these programs are quite different. B. Tech is skill – oriented while BE is data – oriented.


• B.E. is termed a knowledge-intended course.
• More emphasis is placed on theory, concentrating on solid foundations.
• An essential part of the curriculum may be internships and industrial visits.
• Universities providing other degrees (such as science, arts, education, etc.) as well as engineering usually named their degree as B.E.
• The NSIT, BITS – Pilani, Anna University Chennai, etc. are some of the popular colleges.


• B.tech is deemed to be a skill-determined program
• Practical applications are more highlighted than theoretical aspects.
• The course curriculum is considered more up – to – date as it is technology – oriented.
• A compulsory part of the curriculum is internships and industrial visits.
• Institutes (including IITs) that only offer engineering studies generally referred to their degree as B.Tech.
• IITs, NITs, DTU, etc. are some of the popular colleges.

Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

Bachelor of Technology (BTech) is a professional degree program awarded to candidates after four years of the research study. This undergraduate program is your stepping stone to an engineering career in layman’s language.


• BE is more of theoretical knowledge. Their study is based on Theory. While B.TECH is skill-oriented. The course is more of practical engineering
• BE deals with science engineering aspects while B.TECH deals with practical aspects of science
• BE Program is used to develop innovative science and technology equipment and useful technical gadgets while The B.TECH program applies engineering and technology principles in order to modify structures and thus improve their quality.

BE and BTech Graduates

Both BE and BTech graduates give opportunities for students to pursue an engineering career. The courses are 4-year long and spread over 8 semesters.

Usually, there are two types of engineering program:

• after diploma in engineering, there will be 3 years BE/BTech
• After class 12th, there will be 4 years BE/BTECH

All India Technical Education Council (AICTE)

All technical programs in India, including BTech, are regulated by the All India Technical Education Council (AICTE) and the National Accreditation Board (NBA). Admissions to BTech programs take place through entrance examinations at the national /state/institute level. Every year, the top five engineering entrance exams taken by student lakhs are:



• Candidates must have passed a Class 10 + 2 exams with Physics, Chemistry, and Math as core subjects from a recognized board.
• In the above subjects combined, they must also have secured a minimum aggregate mark of 60 percent. Please note that the eligibility criteria for BTech would vary from institution to institution.

B.Tech degree

A B.Tech degree is provided through different specialties in India. Some of the most influential are the following: computer science engineering, electrical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Electrical engineering, Chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc

Scientifically, both of these degrees are considered equal, but in the terminology, they differ. Both BE and B.Tech are basically four years course, but B.Tech became famous after the IITs adopted it to confer the degree.

Although all of these specializations offer bright prospects for students to enter various careers, today computer engineering is probably the most sought – after specialization. This is also reflected in the high cut – off examination scores that best engineering colleges such as IITs, IIITs, and NITs, as well as some of their respective applicants ‘ best central universities, the command to award them this program.

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