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BBA Degree Course

BBA (Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration)

BBA Degree Course

BBA (Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration) is an undergraduate course designed to provide students with a strong business foundation and implementation in real-world work environments.

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a 3-year Business Management Professional Degree course. BBA course provides you with the right business administration skills and abilities and gives you knowledge of the principles that are perfect for a business world career.

A degree in Business Administration strengthens your foundation for your long term career goals in business and management.
Successful graduates of this course can choose a variety of roles from areas such as financial services, marketing, and advertising, sales, administration, government, and education. BBA degree allows candidates to enter the management field and teaches them various aspects necessary for better management of the business. The program is designed to successfully train students in education and communication skills in management that further nurtures skills in entrepreneurship.
The framework of the course involves specialized training in case studies, projects, presentations, industrial visits and communication with industry professionals through real-world experience.

Eligibility for BBA Course:

Interested applicants for the course need to satisfy l the below-referenced qualification criteria: Completion of HSC (10+2 level) from a recognized educational board English as one of the subjects at HSC. Least total score of 50% to 60% at 10+2 level of education.

BBA Specializations:

BBA is available in a variety of specializations listed below: BBA in Banking and Insurance, BBA in Travel Management, BBA in financial services, BBA in Computer Applications, BBA in Foreign Trade, BBA Hotel Management & BBA Accounting.

BBA Career Prospects:

BBA course opens up a spectrum of employment opportunities in the fields of advertising and marketing, academic institutes, banking and finance, consulting firms, foreign exchange, hospitality industry, manufacturing, IT and ITES and various government services.

Some of the key job profiles are Financial Analyst, Business Development Executive, Project Manager (IT) Data Analyst Human Resources (HR), Team Leader, etc.

BBA courses

BBA courses provide an opportunity to develop professional skills as a professional manager in the initial stages of their career. This undergraduate course provides a thorough understanding and development of important business skills like leadership, communication skills, logical thinking, and decision-making.


Students who want a career in business and multinational corporations often treat BBA as the first ladder in management studies in higher education. BBAs is an all-inclusive degree in management and offer the most knowledge about them, including ways to apply them.

BBA degree course

The main reasons for doing a BBA degree course for those interested in management and business are illustrated below:

BBA courses deliver the prospect of relatively early into one’s career as an administrative professional earning professional skills.
BBA course is a three-year course teaching the basic concepts of management and business studies to students. The duration of the course is sufficient to learn about a wide range of topics such as accounting principles, business economics, business law, financial management, fundamentals of computers and marketing.

A BBA degree is sufficient to attract good job opportunities even for those students who do not pursue an MBA afterward. In addition, unlike the MBA, a BBA course can be conducted at a lower cost. There are several reputable BBA colleges in India offering at an affordable fee quality education.

The Indian market is currently growing at an incredible rate. Fresh startups have also appeared on the scene as existing companies expand in size. All of these firms require candidates with a sound understanding of business and operations. Candidates with BBA / BBS degrees can easily be part of the core business, operations or business strategy team and can act as the point of contact between the workforce and top management.

Candidates with BBA / BBS degrees who are well exposed to the market and have relevant experience are often experiencing rapid growth. A hard-working candidate can expect to quickly raise ladders and in four to five years become team leader or manager. Such candidates for mid-level and senior-level managerial roles can be further trained.

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