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BJMC Degree Course


Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications (B.J.M.C )

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications (B.J.M.C) degree course is a three – year program for students wishing to pursue their careers in the journalism and media industries. This course is eligible for 10 + 2 or the equivalent of a recognized university or board with 50 percent marks.  

With the media sector, the career options and job opportunities are high. A student who has successfully completed B.J.M.C. is capable of working with news channels, news magazines, publishing companies and earn a healthy remuneration ranging from INR 3 to 9 lakes per year depending on qualifications and experience.

Media is a link between the world and the population. It is an excellent source through which anyone can obtain information at different locations and at the same time. B.J.M.C is the source of students ‘ abilities as a journalist or reporter to make the public aware of current affairs.

Who can opt for this program?

There are so many people who are interested in writing stories, audio – video, writing a blog & web page content and most importantly communicating with more and more people across the world. This course should be chosen by such individuals as this course can also fulfill their desire and passion.

 The one who decided to opt for the B.J.M.C course should also have critical thinking abilities, analytical skills, reasoning skills, communication skills, and ability to persuade.


The duration of this course includes three years of theoretical study, practical sessions and study tours.


Journalism includes investigative activities, coverage of any particular incident and occurrence of current affairs but, on the other hand, mass communication refers to a wide range of communications to the population.

Journalism is the method by which data are retrieved, authenticated and represented by media resources to the general public. Whereas Mass Communication is the study of transforming and delivering information from different sources into a single source to the general public. Both definitions are different from each other but interrelated.

Both terms have different characteristics and advantages, but both have a similar significance in the media industry. All the skills related to journalism and mass communication are used at the time of obtaining information, presenting it to the general public and making the world aware of news and current affairs.


  •    Most institutes conduct entrance exam for admissions, followed as the final selection criteria by personal interviews.
  •    Some of the schools also offer 10 + 2 mark – based direct admissions.


For students with a BJMC degree in government and the private sector, a wide range of job options is available. Candidates wishing to pursue a higher degree in the desired field may opt for Master’s degree as well as other research programs to widen their viewpoint in order to provide better job prospects for them. Better job roles and salary packages are offered as potential candidates with a master’s degree. A fresher’s annual salary package ranges from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh. Jobs suitable for BJMC graduates are listed below:

  •    journalist
  •    photojournalist
  •    news analyst
  •    feature writer
  •    freelancer writers
  •    video jockey
  •    radio jockey
  •    tv correspondent

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