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College of Hospitality Administration

CHA Towards ExcellenceA premier institute owned by Industry professionals to impart, vibrant, innovative & global education in the field of Hospitality to bridge the gap of 40 Lakh job vacancies in the Hospitality sector. The institute is contributing to the creation of knowledge and offer quality program to equip students with skills to face the global market concerted effort by dedicated faculty, providing best learning environment in fulfilling the ambition to become a Leading Institute in India.

VisionTo be the “Numero Uno” in the field of Hospitality Education in the Country . Our Vision will be supported by incorporating the best human values, ethics within everyone working for the organisation and simunltaneously offering the best education to the students using updated international methodology.

CHA was set up by NNPSS and during the past years we have made significant contributions towards building professional skills of management focusing on International Hospitality Career. Rapid strides have been made by the institute for achieving its Mission to strengthen, sustain and professionalize business knowledge through creative research, teaching, learning and by integrating with Organizations, Institutions and Universities both within and beyond national boundaries.

CHA stands apart from other institutions on many counts. It is the only Institute of its kind in the state which provides Hospitality education with in-depth global focus.

The course curriculum offered at CHA consists of subjects that reflect the concepts & trends in international business. We are witnessing rapid changes in the context of increasing globalization & multilateralism in business. An understanding of these international developments and capacity to analyze & respond to such changes are some of the capabilities that are inculcated in the students.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure that the curriculum of the program is updated on a regular basis to reflect the fast-changing concepts and trends in International Hospitality business. The process includes in-depth external reviews of the course structure and course detail by eminent management education experts. In addition, the course details that are prepared by a faculty members are reviewed internally within the discipline groups on a regular basis every year. The discipline groups also invite two/three outside experts to arrange micro-level external validation of the course contents. We have been inviting external faculties from reputed Hotels within the country and outside for taking specific sessions. These strategies have helped in continuous updating of our course structure to reflect the dynamic changes in Hospitality Education.

As we strive for excellence in what we do, the Institute is constantly making endeavors to scale new heights by developing synergy between graduate studies, research programmes and short term training activities. Such a holistic approach would contribute towards continuous growth of the Institute.

Mr. Anand Yadav
Director CHA

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