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Extol Institute of Management

Extol Education Society is one of the top ranking group of institutions in central India with colleges in Arts, Commerce, Management, Computer Science, Biotechnology & Microbiology, Physics & Electronics, Journalism and Medical & Paramedical Science. Extol Group of Institutes has a total student strength of more than 15000 students coming from 17 states and 9 countries. The Extol Education Group is a part of large business group with companies in the areas of Energy Generation , IT, Electronics, Agro-tech & Plantations and real estate. Extol is also associated with universities in London for students exchange & running their programs in India. >>>More


The aim of “EXTOL” is to produce a new generation of professionals ready to take up the challenges of industry and Indian Economy at large in this era of globalization. With this objective of equipping trend setters of tomorrow with the latest tools and techniques of their respective fields , at “EXTOL”, we believe in calculating the culture of excellence and endeavors to develop individuals with a pragmatic and proactive approach to take up the challenges of the professional world in their eternity.


“EXTOL” is a centre of educational excellence that strongly believes in the culture of excellence, focusing itself on socioeconomic challenges and endeavoring to produce leaders in the industry who can steer Indian economy and trade according to international challenges. At “EXTOL” we are strongly committed to nurture, harness and explore the potential of individuals to make them effective professionals of tomorrow.

Professional Education is multi disciplinary, multi dimensional and multifaceted stream of learning. It requires a proactive approach and highly motivated learning orientation in the professional ambience to inculcate the right culture and to internalize the concepts and practices. We at “EXTOL” have made a trust to take up the above challenges and to build an institute that produces professionals of the highest order. I am sure, “EXTOL” will rise to the needs of the profession. G.K. Bhatnagar Hon. President B.E.(Mech.) M.B.A. (PGDM-IIM Ahmedabad)

G.K. Bhatnagar
Hon. President
B.E.(Mech.) M.B.A. (PGDM-IIM Ahmedabad)


The placement cell of Extol College has taken upon itself the onerous yet fulfilling task of assisting the students bettering their career prospect by providing them need based and result- oriented training programmers that help them achieve their need. This process is engaged through modern training facilities and innovative methodology which work at satisfying the objective of providing career guidance to students, co-ordination with prospective external agencies/industries/companies and suitably enriching the experience on both sides. The Placement Cell is headed by a committee that exerts it in order to maintain the high level of interaction enjoyed by the companies with the students, thereby helping the latter to develop successful job strategies and career wise decision-making and other skills commensurate with the expectations of the industry. A good collection of reference books and pertinent articles are available for purposes of understanding the scope of operations better. The members in-charge are available on call to respond to students questions and concerns including advice on placement procedures, help with preparation of applications, curriculum vitae and reference letters etc.


* The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search.

* To conduct professional training programmes outside the curricula to provide better placements.

* Arranging preparatory programmes such as seminars, group discussions, written tests/interviews (mock), confidence building and personality development sessions, the general awareness courses etc by experts in their respective fields for students to gauge and handle challenging aspects in their prescribed work sphere.

* Those considering careers in various fields are offered career guidance and this is usually based on new and revised information regarding workplace trends.
* Internships are also offered to those students who are keen on experiencing a slice of workplace life.
* The Cell also assists the management of the college in generating awareness amongst students about the various opportunities present for them to explore.
* Individual counseling and group sessions are held to assist in a smoother flow of activity.

* Acts as a link between students, alumni and the work place.

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