About the Country

"Aotearoa," often translated as "land of the long white cloud," is the name given to New Zealand, an island located at the tip of the South Pole in southern hemisphere. New Zealand is made up of two main islands, the North and the South Island. There are a numerous smaller islands that add to these two main islands to form New Zealand. The North Island is larger and less populated than the South Island. These two islands are separated by the Cook Strait. New Zealand is a highly developed nation with a market economy ruled by the exports of dairy products, meat and wine. Tourism also contributes as a major part of its economy. Apart from being one of the most developed nations, New Zealand also ranks high in national performance, such as health, education, economic freedom and quality of life. New Zealand is one of the favorite destinations of MBA aspirants.


New Zealand enjoys a pleasant and comfortable maritime climate. The summer expands from the month of December till March. While, January and February are the warmest months of the year, July is the coldest. The average New Zealand temperature decreases as you travel south.

Higher Education in New Zealand

The higher education system in New Zealand is one of the best in the world. The Country has 8 national universities well supported by 18 technology institutions and over 6000 training schools that help students in development of specialized skills. All universities offer large choice of courses and variety of streams. New Zealand is particularly known for education imparted in the fields of business, engineering, technology, medicine and biological sciences. Hence, MBA colleges in New Zealand are a major attraction.

Application Criteria

The requirements to apply for colleges in New Zealand depend on the study programs and levels chosen by the students. However, the basic criteria that has to be met is 65% or above in class 12 or equivalent, along with a valid score in English Language Test. These requirements and criteria also hold good for applying to MBA colleges in New Zealand. It is important to note that this criteria mentioned, is for reference purpose, actual percentage requirement may differ from university to university and course to course.


Universities and MBA colleges of New Zealand generally accept applications twice a year, in January and July. However, some universities offer four intakes: January, July, September and November. Each of these intake has 3 deadlines to apply for the university. It is highly recommended that the students start the process of application well in advance (at least 6 months) to not miss the deadlines.




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