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Arunachal University of Studies believes in imparting education to the students in a comprehensive format while not compromising on the traditional ways of pedagogy which our country has nourished since its inception. It has therefore embarked on a novel concept clubbing the class room lectures and the industrial element together. This approach lighten up the interest of the students in their respective scope of subjects and that gives an holistic get up to the whole perception of education. The course structure at the University's disposal has been very carefully crafted to incorporate the best practices of the industry and provides the students the required scope to hone their capabilities.

The course structure has been a genesis of eminent academicians of varied fields. Arunachal University of Studies shall encourage the inquisitive nature in the students and let them the freedom to find the answers themselves with the guidance of the faculties. The University prophesies to inspire the students towards knowledge. In this purview it has purposefully tied up with the variant industries to let its students have hands-on experience right from the start of their academic session. This nurtures and moulds them well into the real world scenario. The large cache of research papers and other learning materials available with the University complements this module. It further extends the same through e-learning materials. Our approach remains convergent with an obvious envisaged goal of producing competent human resource. We shall remain dedicated to our motto of 'pursuit of excellence, education with a difference.... to provide education by offering unparalleled exposure to develop its students into holistic human beings, body, mind and soul'.

Course Name:BBABCAB. Com.M. Com.MCA
Duration:3 Years3 Years3 Years2 Years3 Years
Affiliation:Arunachal UniversityArunachal UniversityArunachal UniversityArunachal UniversityArunachal University
Fees:As per UniversityAs per UniversityAs per UniversityAs per UniversityAs per University
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10+2 with PCM


B. Com.


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Mode of Learning:RegularRegularRegularRegularRegular
Course Category:Under GraduateUnder GraduateUnder GraduatePost GraduatePost Graduate
Salient Features:


The Arunachal University of Studies is situated in Namsai, known for its ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious and physiographical diversity. It houses a sprawling green, eco-friendly campus of the university. The campus is exceptional both in terms of its physical beauty and an infrastructure including a multi-storied complex with provisions for elaborate IT enabled services, academic blocks, auditoria, conference cum seminar halls, audio visual recording rooms and other facilities. All these facilities are under construction and will be functional very soon. The University although situated in the lap of nature but still it will support high end technology for almost all official works and academic materials. All the processes ranging from admissions, examinations to result declarations, courseware packaging & dispatching are totally computerized. The campus is situated on an expanse of 30 acres and shall be stretched to 100 acres in the next two years.


The campus is situated on a large expanse of 30 acres which shall be stretched to 100 acres in the next two years. The campus building is under construction and once complete, there shall be different academic blocks for different Faculties. The administrative block shall house all the offices. The University is also planning of an Auditorium hall for conferences, seminars to be held with a good capacity. Apart from these, the campus shall also hold Library facility, Medical facility and Canteen.


The University will maintain an e-library and e-classrooms wherein students would be able to log in and pursue their concerns anytime from any corner of the world right away. All the construction works are underway for the same and the University is also in the process of procuring books and e-books for the libraries.


The canteen of the University is under construction and shall house a cafeteria and lounge for a capacity of 100 people. The canteen shall be contracted to a renowned caterer for a year and the University authorities shall monitor the quality from time to time. There will be options for different cuisines of the country and the rates will be subsidized for the staff and students of the University. The canteen shall also house a staff/ faculty zone for the use of the staff/ faculty of the University.


Namsai offers a serene environment where one gets to chart his/ her academic interests away from the world but still being very much connected to it. The main campus of university is less than 2 hours' drive from Dibrugarh Airport, precisely 121 kms and around 1.25 hours from Tinsukia Railway Station, a distance of 72 kms. From the connectivity point of view, Namsai is one of the most accessible and well connected places of Arunachal Pradesh. The University situated in the lap of nature offers the perfect environment to pursue one's interest in academics, in a well connected part of the North Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Life at AUS

Life at Arunachal University of Studies is one of enthusiasm but peaceful to the core. It shall harbour students for the most important formative years of their life, the few years before they join the work force of the nation, the world. We at Arunachal University of Studies ensure that the development of the students happen in a peaceful environment, which is very well supported by the serene environment of Namsai. The picturesque surroundings of Arunachal Pradesh shall help the students to realize their potentials with every scope of introspection. The queries that arise in the minds of students shall lead them to perfection rather than ambiguity in the warmth of the University.

Key Facts about AUS

The University has been established by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh under “Arunachal University of Studies”,  Arunachal Pradesh Act 2012 (Act No. 9 of 2012), which received the assent of the Hon'ble Governor of Arunachal Pradesh on May 26, 2012 and published in the Arunachal Pradesh gazette on May 30, 2012 vide Notification No. LAW/LEGN–11/2012.

    The first and only University of the eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh.

    The first University of the country to be lit by the sunrise every dawn.

    The University has a large campus of 30 hectares at present which shall be stretched to 100 hectares.

Teaching Methodology

Teacher is a misconstrued conception of the education system. A teacher is expected to teach the students but we believe in teachers who inspire the students. The teaching methodology we practice is one where we let the students put up questions rather than throttling them with the theory.  The University believes in empowering students that they could challenge the set theories of the world. We wish to develop leaders and not followers. The inquisitiveness of the student is satiated by the guidance of our expert faculty. We want them to stumble on the actual issues of the industry, yank out the solutions by themselves and that's where the industrial component comes into play. The ones who struggle find their ways with inspirations. Our approach to education compliments the teaching methodology we have adopted. The Faculty welcomes the queries brought forward by the novice students somewhat similar to what Einstein once said about himself:

"I have no talent in particular. I am just merely extremely INQUISITIVE."


The research work in the University shall be supervised by the eminent academicians and faculty of the University. The University plans to introduce its own journal every month where the papers or the research work of the students of the University shall be published and this shall also act as a breeding ground for further researches or specializations in the ongoing research works. The University shall try to fund the research work through its resources as much as possible but it is planning to sign MoUs with different industries financial assistance and sponsorships. The University also plans to offer the applications of the research work in the industries on a revenue sharing basis which shall fund its further research works.


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The incorporation of our perceptions of having a world-class educational institute to cater to the needs of the students of the world, precisely those of India got its shape a bit more than 3 years back. Arunachal University of Studies has been brought to the nation with a concept, which was neglected in the educational sphere until now. The integration of education and vocational training and a window for students of varied economical, societal, and educational backgrounds to pursue their fields of interest has been the objective of this University. The sponsoring body of the University has experienced the value and essence of education all through its journey of social initiatives. The culmination of our vision and experience is this University and in front of you to judge. We have made a promise to ourselves and to the nation to develop the youth of the nation to drive it to the glory it deserves. The demographics of the country states the youth comprising to be around 3/4th of the total population and we desire to develop a fraction of the same into holistic, responsible human beings: body, mind, and soul. Arunachal Pradesh seemed to be the perfect neighborhood to commence our project. The wonderful, helpful people of Namsai, the administration and the Government of Arunachal Pradesh are worth a mention and we shall always be indebted to them for their contribution towards the University, towards the society, and towards the nation. The district of Namsai happens to be one of the most beautiful locales of the state and the sharing of knowledge cannot be any better than being in the lap of the nature. While the Himalayas guard the nation, the serene environs offer a freedom and that rush to fly to one's height of academic success. We welcome you to Arunachal Pradesh, to Arunachal University of Studies to live your dreams. Trust us, we shall always extend that hand of support whenever you need it.

Kamal Lochan Agarwal
Arunachal University of Studies
Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh


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