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The college was established in 1950 at Daru Shifa to educate young boys and girls by instilling in them, the noble values of justice, truth and dignity of life. Initially, it was started with a two-year Intermediate Course and within two years it was upgraded to a degree college in 1952. Later, the College was shifted to a spacious and centrally located 'Gadwal Palace' at Nampally, to cater to the growing needs of the student community. After two years, an evening college was started to encourage the working students who could not pursue their studies in the day-time due to economic compulsions. As the College was growing gradually, year after year the accommodation at Gadwal Palace was found to be inadequate for the holistic development of the students coming from varied backgrounds. In 1964, the College acquired a sprawling campus on Kachiguda Station Road. The College is housed in an impressive heritage building with spacious classrooms, library, reading rooms, conference halls, computer labs, audio-visual lab and an excellent state-of-the-art auditorium. The campus atmosphere is student friendly and cosmopolitan in nature for the over-all development of the students.

The College started B.Com (Computers) course in 1998-99, M.Com in 1990-92, B.Com (Hons) in 2005-06, BBA in 2012-13 and MSW in 2013-14 which are well received by the students and society. Apart from its infrastructure, BCCA has earned high reputation in the academic field. The students have brought laurels to the College by securing highest marks at the University examinations. The students always secured at least 5 out of 10 ranks in the university exams. The credit not only goes to the industrious and hard-working students of the College, but also to its team of dedicated and highly experienced faculty members.

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Books open broader avenues to the human mind. Our College library is a treasure house of over 50,000 books in different fields of Commerce Economics, Management, Computers, General Knowledge, as well as for various competitive exams. It also contains books for international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. The Library is fully computerized with internet facility. Several CDs/DVDs are also available for the reference of the students. There is a spacious reading-cum-reference room. Books can be borrowed from the library, as per rules stipulated by the Library Committee. The library also subscribes to newspapers, magazines and exclusive journals. A student is allowed to borrow six books at a time, besides using reference facility for reading. World-famous encyclopaedias are preserved for reference. The library is maintained through UGC grants and funding from Badruka Educational Society.

Computers and Audio-Visual Facilities

Computers play an important role in the educational field of any nation. The National Policy on Education (NPE) 1986 emphasized the introduction of technology in education. Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) is a popular technique used for education all over the world. Keeping this in view, 170 Compaq Pentiums are installed in centrally air-conditioned computer labs with internet-facility, exclusively for B.Com Students. Highly qualified and experienced faculty caters to the needs of the students in this ever changing environment. With the changing examination pattern, there was a need for one more computer lab which was established with 60 PCs and server facilities. A separate computer lab is also established for English Language training and communications skills with 40 Compaq Pentiums and head phone facilities suitable for English language.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular activities are encouraged in our College for the overall development of the students. They participate in various competitions conducted in the College and also by other Colleges in the Twin Cities as well as state and national levels.

Games & Sports

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! The College believes in recreation required to refresh the mind and body. Our College has adequate facilities for games and sports, both outdoor and indoor games facilities are made available to the students.


Placements and Grooming Division

The Placements and Grooming Division at Badruka College is dedicated to bridging the gap between the campus and corporate worlds. The dedicated group of individuals works devotedly to provide the students with a skill set that will increase their employability and professionalism, and build them up to be confident participants in the work environment. The visiting companies are welcomed by an efficient, professional and productive atmosphere, thus providing the perfect ‘person-position’ fit. The division offers a broad range of expertise, services, resources and programs to assist students with their job search and career development.

A variety of support tools are provided by the division for placement activities. Computers, library and boardroom can be utilized by the students to research and prepare for interviews. A plethora of question banks, FAQs, sector-specific aptitude test papers and a rich collection of CDs are available to help prepare the students for different rounds of interviews such as the group discussion round, Psychometric test, IQ Test, etc. These materials are also used to hone other imperative interpersonal skills such as personality development, conversational English, listening skills, etc.

The Placements and Grooming Division is constantly working to fine-tune the training and grooming process. A custom-designed mandatory training program called “Campus Recruitment Training” (CRT) is carried out before the recruitment season begins. The training program is adjusted based on the students’ needs in order to interactively train them and further sharpen their abilities. The program works towards sharpening aptitude skills, IT proficiency, communication skills, and interview skills. Pre and post assessments are carried out before and after the sessions to check the effectiveness of the modules. Corporate trainers from reputed specialist organizations such as Aura Leadership, CFBT and Penetgraph Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are invited on campus to train the students on the finer aspects of personal interviews, presentation skills, group discussions and fluency in English. As a follow up practice, employers’ feedback is taken after the interview sessions to help analyze the students’ performance and be better prepared for subsequent batches. The division has also pioneered an Industry-Academia forum called “Know Your Company” (KYC) to foster best practices and familiarize the students with the business challenges of tomorrow. In KYC, companies from various sectors are invited to address the students and enlighten them on the entry-level opportunities available in the market, the selection process, reasons behind the selection criteria as well as the preparations required. Companies who have shared their knowledge in the KYC forum are Abbott Laboratories Ltd., Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd., Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd., Four Soft Inc. and GE Capital. To augment the students’ skills, knowledge and awareness, the division also organizes guest lectures, seminars, workshops and industrial tours (national and international), thus giving them first-hand exposure to the corporate world.

The quality of an educational institution is largely measured by the number of employed individuals it produces. On an average, 90% of our students who are interested in securing jobs through campus placements succeed in doing so. As a result, most of our students have their career paths mapped out well before they graduate. About 180 companies have visited our campus this year, and the Placements and Grooming Division has received appreciation and accolades from all of the visiting firms for its commendable work and hospitality. Placements at Badruka have been a testament to the ever-increasing faith that the industry has in the institution.

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