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We, at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, are conscious of academic results as they reflect the joint endeavors of the teaching faculty and the students. Consequently, attendance in classes is of prime importance. We are very strict about attendance rules and do not hesitate to detain students if they fail to meet the minimum attendance requirements. 

 We believe in democratic functioning and involve the students in arriving at decisions, which directly concern them. We also give them opportunities to express their opinions and views so that they could analyse and adopt what is best for them. We try and inculcate among our students a sense of discipline and responsibility so that they are capable of resisting temptations, and instigation of outside elements.

 We are keenly aware that education is the only tool available to mankind to wipe out destitution, ignorance and intolerance. How effectively we impart this tool is our sole objective.

Course (Hons)
Duration:3 Years3 Years3 Years
Affiliation:Delhi UniversityDelhi UniversityDelhi University
Fees:As Prescribed by Delhi UniversityAs Prescribed by Delhi UniversityAs Prescribed by Delhi University
Important Dates:
Approved by:UGC RecognizedUGC RecognizedUGC Recognized
Mode of Learning:RegularRegularRegular
Course Category:Under GraduationUnder GraduationUnder Graduation
Salient Features:

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Universities had traditionally been the centers of liberal education which only aimed at developing human intellect and were meant for a select few. In today's world, the requirement of society has changed drastically, and liberal education alone is unable to fulfill the needs of employment of millions of youngsters. Education needs to be wholesome and also available to the masses. Statistics indicate that only 10-12% of the university graduates are directly employable in the industry.

This has created a large void in terms of well educated but underemployed (or unemployed) youth in the country. Realizing this imbalance, the University of Delhi has taken an initiative to start the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP).  The Programme, besides retaining components of liberal education, has added skill-based learning, thus building a deeper correlation with the industry. The emphasis has shifted from rote learning to a project-based approach. Additionally, to get undergraduates inclined and motivated towards research, the University has introduced a component of research in the final year. At DDUC, we have gone a step ahead and accommodated a host of extra-curricular & philanthropic activities, spread out across the academic year. 

The DDUC fraternity has always viewed education as a holistic learning experience where students develop into well-rounded personalities, rather than just objects of wisdom. We help each student in developing those attributes and qualities of heart, head and hand which will make them an intellectually sound and self reliant citizen who are socially aware and humanistic, having belief in the concept of brotherhood and peace ; persons ready to work so that they become an agent of change for building a more socially just and equitable society. A website can be seen as an aspirational medium, an extended space where a fledgling institution like ours showcases its history, achievements and a constantly evolving identity. 

Looking forward to welcome you.

Dr. S.K.Garg


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