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The Faculty of Management Studies focuses on management education more than just business management. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. The intent is to encourage intellectual curiosity and open minds to the adventure of ideas.

But much about the school is not just about what is taught within its confines. FMS has the unique privilege to be part of one of the premier universities world – the University of Delhi - with some of the finest departments in Economics, Law, Sociology, Commerce and Operations Research. Our collaborative approach involves inputs from various departments which gives the benefit of a much wider view and deeper understanding. This is indicated by the success of our alumni who are in positions of leadership in industries & governments across the world. The network of more than 10000 alumni gives students unmatched access to information, mentors and careers.

FMS rewards initiative, novelty and thinking outside the box. Our students are individualists of enormous intellectual energy with a talent for collaboration and teamwork. We are a diverse lot, possessing flair and dynamism that develops in a metropolis like Delhi and thrives on challenges both inside and outside the classroom.

Corporate recruiters value our graduates for their intellectual abilities, their collaborative mind-set, their individuality and their ability to hit the ground running.

Course Name:MBAMBA Executive ( Evening)
Duration:2 Years2 Years
Affiliation:Delhi UniversityDelhi University
Fees:Around INR 10,000 p.aINR 51,000 p.a

Candidates applying for MBA programme must have pursued atleast a bachelors degree programme after 12 years of formal schooling with minimum of 50% marks at graduation level.

Candidates must have pursued  at least a 3 year Bachelors Degree programme after 12 years of formal schooling having secures mnimum 45 % or equivalent marks at graduation level.

Important Dates:
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Mode of Learning:RegularRegular
Course Category:Post GraduationPost Graduation
Salient Features:

Computer Hardware Infrastructure

FMS has the among the most modern, state-of-the-art computer centers with over 100 computer systems (Intel Dual Core and AMD Athlon) in its north campus facility. Along with this computers are available in the library, class rooms and lecture theaters while faculty has individual computers and laser printers in their rooms. For use of the societies - computers and laptops have been provided at the newly designed Management Science Association (MSA) Center. The computer to student ratio is amongst highest in any institute in the country. The entire campus has a Switch based Local Area Network fully Wi-Fi enabled. The students can work on various platforms such as Windows 7, Linux, Windows-XP and Windows 2000 server. The entire campus is fully networked via a 10 MBPS leased line internet connectivity keeping students connected with the rest of the world round the clock. The hostel rooms are also connected to this through the leased line facility provided by the University via the centralized server.

Computer Centre is responsible for Video Conferecing System which allows conferencing over both web and ISDN lines. This system have put in place keeping in mind the smooth functioning of the placement process as well as increasing the interaction with the corporate and academia through guest lectures and seminars. This would further facilitate the interaction with the international business schools with whom we have ongoing collaboration.

The systems are supported by high speed network laser printers, Scanners and CD/DVD writers. The centre is equipped with variety of software such as Windows 7, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 8, MS-Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro,  SPSS 17.0, E-Views7, Lotus SmartSuite, Corel Word Perfect, Harvard Graphics, Oracle RDBMS, Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc. A number of business and management software and business games like Business Simulation, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Quantitative Analysis, Multi Dimensional Scaling etc. are also available in the centre. The students can also make use of a variety of CD-ROM based databases, corporate databases such as CMIE’s PROWESS, VANSCOM Database and Vans Electronic Library. Students can have access to Delhi University Library System E-Journals from Computer Centre. FMS also has a well equipped computer centre in the S.P.Jain Advanced Research Centre, South Campus.

With the installation of the much awaited Bloomberg terminal at the Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi, a firm foundation of the Financial Lab has been established at the Institute. With this, FMS joins the very exclusive club of Top B-schools in India which are equipped with a Finance Lab.



FMS has its main library at North Campus of the University. It has air-conditioned reading rooms housing over 50,000 books and over a 100 Journals (including 60 foreign journals). A branch library with a sprawling reading room functions at S.P.Jain Advanced Management Research Center, South Campus. Both the libraries are well stocked with textbooks, reference books and other documents.

Along with this the students have access to the Ratan Tata Library which has a collection of over 200,000 books and over 1,000 journals on management and economics. The students can also access the University library as well as study rooms depending upon their interests.


Hostel accommodation facilities are available to the students of MBA (Full-Time) Programme at the Post Graduate hostels of the University of Delhi. The students should directly contact the office of the concerned hostel and apply according to their admission procedures well in time.

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Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, for more than half a century, has been playing a seminal role in the growth of corporate sector and management education in India. One of the early proponents of a formal degree of Master of Business Administration in the country, FMS over the years, has produced very successful business leaders, management thinkers and wealth creators. By virtue of being housed in the national capital and more so a part of University of Delhi, it attracts the best of the minds - be it faculty or students. FMS offers its flagship MBA and several other programmes on North as well as South Campus of University of Delhi.

With management education at an inflection point, we at FMS are conscious of our responsibility as a premier business school of the country and, therefore, groom future business leaders by following a judicious blend of theory and practice, using highly innovative teaching pedagogy. Our endeavour is to produce systems thinkers and problem solvers, who go on to make this world a better place to live. And our alumni, who are our one of the strategic assets, are a testimony of this fact. They are heading some of the biggest public and private sector organizations in India and abroad. Corporate world has developed such a deep rooted faith in brand FMS that it comes back year after year, and offers the best salary packages to our students in the country.

If you are stimulated for a university based most cost effective and high value add MBA degree, and motivated by rigorous academics, then FMS University of Delhi is the place for you. I invite you to challenge yourself.




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