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GNA-IMT is a nation building endeavor started by the GNA Group, an automotive conglomerate that found its roots over six decades ago through the intuitive perseverance of the late Sardar Amar Singh Ji.

The journey began with the manufacturing of Rear Axle Shafts. In the years to come, the company's success story has been phenomenal. With growth and consolidation, the group has branched out into a plethora of industries. Today, the GNA Group is considered India's foremost and largest automotive component manufacturing and exporting company.

Being conceived at the time of the country's independence, the company has always had 'building the nation' on its agenda. To shoulder this responsibility, the GNA Group started GNA-IMT, an educational institution to empower the nation's future through the hands of the country's youth.

The heritage that was started in 1946, is today responsible for giving the students at GNA-IMT an education that comprises the benefits of course-specific, relevant and real time training opportunities in state of the art industrial and business environments.

Ever since it’s inception over sixty years ago, the GNA Group has tirelessly worked towards building a strong foundation for the future. From humble beginnings, the GNA Group has today emerged as the country’s leading and largest automotive component manufacturing and exporting companies.

In the wake of the new millennium, the GNA Group has transformed the way the Indian automotive industry works at the international level. And after bringing together global technology and expertise, the GNA Group is now focused on facilitating opportunities for improved new learning and technical up gradation, locally, in Northern India. 

The GNA Group comprises GNA Axles Ltd., GNA Duraparts Ltd., GNA Udyog Ltd. Today, the GNA Group has branched out into a number of industries, including education with GNA-IMT. But this is only just the beginning.

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10+2 with PCM

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Academic Facilities

GNA-IMT is a modern, progressive and friendly place to study, where a lot of emphasis is laid on interaction and transparency of thoughts. The Institute is constantly working towards creating an environment that is conducive to the free exchange of ideas. GNA-IMT also offers students a list of subjects to choose from.

GNA-IMT has twenty six air-conditioned lecture theatres with comfortable seating spaces. The Institute is well equipped with the latest multimedia equipment that enables effective and progressive learning. A good deal of thought has been invested in designing these rooms to ensure that interaction between faculty and students more feasible.


The GNA-IMT Library is equipped with a series of Learning Resources that include more than 5500 books, 14 newspapers, 63 magazines , 90 journals and a wide collection of periodicals and CD-ROMs that support in-depth study of the subject. We also provide ejournals.

GNA-IMT gives its students enough opportunities to use these Learning Resources through assignments, project work and research. Web based cataloguing also helps the Institute source archives at the library easily.


GNA-IMT has an impressive set up of eight centrally air-conditioned labs. These labs are endowed with ample space and fine equipment. Every student is provided with a workstation. This in turn helps students achieve a superior understanding of the subjects, and makes them familiar with the industries they are yet to explore.

We are living in a world that is constantly getting intertwined through the World Wide Web. And to help its students stay connected to the world, GNA-IMT provides them with the access to the internet through a server from OEM, RFL/Lease/ISDN lines. A LAN connection with intranet facilities gives our students access to any information they need, whenever they need it.


To help its students settle in at ease, the Institute assists them in identifying and procuring an appropriate place to stay. There are several private hostels and home stay accommodation facilities that are available to the students off-campus, in the nearby towns of Phagwara and Jalandhar.

Considering the strategic location of the GNA-IMT campus, the Institute is well connected to most towns in the vicinity. Situated in the midst of a highway, traveling to and from the Institute is rather convenient. GNA-IMT has arranged for a bus service within a 50 kilometer radius from the Institute during the course of the term.

Industry Endorsed Courses for a Career Centric Education.

At GNA-IMT, every program offered is comprehensive and intellectually stimulating in its design. And what makes the courses even more beneficial is the fact that every one of them is industry-endorsed. The unique combination of academic thoroughness and practical application gives the Institute’s students a first hand experience of the subject, and eventually readies them up to face the challenges that may arise in the industry.


Well-structured and relevant course content that draws immensely from industrial heritage and influences learning objectives.

Lectures designed, developed and delivered in close consultation with Subject Matter Experts.

Small learning groups that enable effective learning through group interaction.

Academic & Practitioner Mix, where each module combines a rigorous core of theory, practical application and numerous workshops under the guidance of industry practitioners.

Career Management Service

The GNA-IMT Career Management Service is a qualified, supportive and concerned body. We believe that your first objective should be to make an informed choice about the right career move. We enable you to do so by helping you build a career-focused personal development plan, taking into account your strengths, skills, interests and aspirations. And at the end of your tenure at GNA-IMT, when you begin talking to recruiters, you are clear about what you want and where you want to be.

The time you spend at GNA-IMT is an opportunity to enjoy the advices and tips of the trade from our alumni. A number of esteemed senior professionals and practitioners from the industry are regularly invited to the institute for career guidance workshops and seminars.

Choosing what and where to study is a decision that will affect not just your immediate future, but also your entire working life.

GNA-IMT is an Institute that’s recognized for quality education and the strong vocational emphasis that we lay on all our courses. Our students not only benefit from the highest quality of teaching and research, but also from the associations we’ve built with world-renowned companies. These associations and partnerships provide us with a platform to develop highly advanced departments of excellence in the areas of CAD/CAM, Business Studies and Multimedia Technologies.

One of our strengths has always been our willingness to innovate. Through consistent development and progressive evolution, we offer a unique blend of academic excellence and practical expertise, promising to prepare you for tomorrow and place you far ahead of the competition. Our courses employ current technologies, the most up-to-date syllabus and automatically position our graduates and undergraduates to qualify for the best jobs across multinational corporations and industrial houses.

We’re an Institute that invests resources to create a “supportive and caring student experience.” The GNA IMT campus that is the home turf for The Knowledge Exchange, dedicates all its resources towards fostering an environment which inspires our students to excel.

Gurdeep Sihra
President, GNA-IMT

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