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IPC is proud to be one of the first private tertiary institutes established in New Zealand. Since 1990, IPC has earned a reputation for delivering a global vision for education. Students from all over the world help make IPC a truly multilingual and multicultural academic environment for the 21st century. Degree, diploma, and postgraduate programmes delivered at IPC include International Business, International Relations, Language (TESOL) Studies, Japanese Studies and Environmental Studies/Ecotourism.

Course Name:BAchelor of International StudiesMaster of International Studies
Duration:3 Years2 years

All applicants must have completed a minimum of twelve years of primary and secondary education, or be able to demonstrate academic ability equal to that of a high school graduate, attain a specified level of English proficiency and complete any introductory studies specified for the undergraduate academic programme in which he or she proposes to enroll for.



Important Dates:
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Mode of Learning:RegularRegular
Course Category:Under GraduatePost Graduation
Salient Features:

Administration Centre

The Admin Services counter in the Administration Centre is a "one-stop shop" focused on helping students in the following areas: residential enquiries, counselling, parcel collection, passports, visas, academic reports, payment of fees, drop-off point for assignments, etc. The Admin Services

 Seminar Blocks (A-D and T Blocks)

Most classrooms in the seminar blocks are purpose-built for small classes. Each classroom is also equipped with visual presentation facilities.


The IPC Library is a warm and welcoming environment with helpful, professional staff. It has access to 24/7 online catalogues and databases, and clients are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of services, including lending, inter-loans, information literacy training, and reference services.

Halls of Residence

IPC has ten halls of residence on campus and two in town. Each hall has private single and double bedrooms, which are centrally heated and carpeted, together with a shower room, common room, kitchenette and laundry.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall staff members work together to provide students with three meals a day, 365 days of the year. There are a variety of main meals, including a selection of hot meat and vegetable dishes, salads, fresh fruit, and dessert. A shop and licensed bar is open at meal times for students and staff to purchase snacks, ice cream, soft drinks, shampoo, or stamps. 

Health Clinic

IPC has a contracted doctor and a nurse who run the IPC Health Clinic on campus during the week to deal with students’ health concerns and medical needs. 

Computer Laboratories

IPC’s computer laboratories are equipped both Mac and Windows computers for student use. IT Support staff in the Administration Centre assist students with any computer or technology issues.

Recreation Centre

The Recreation Centre houses a spacious, multipurpose court with a viewing stage, dojo and weights room. There are four tennis courts and a large playing field for rugby or football on campus. In the past, national teams and organizations such as Badminton NZ, Swim NZ and Volleyball NZ have enjoyed the use of the IPC Rec Centre facilities. It was recently used as the main venue for the World Women's Squash Teams Championships.dministration Centre

The Admin Services counter in the Administration Centre is a "one-stop shop" focused on helping students in the following areas: residential enquiries, counselling, parcel collection, passports, visas, academic reports, payment of fees, drop-off point for assignments, etc. The Admin Services



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Those seeking a tuition subsidy can apply for an SEG Scholarship. Scholarships are for tuition fees only and restricted to a specialist course of study (for example, Bachelor of International Studies). They are granted for one academic year and reviewed subject to the recipient meeting set standards. Scholarship recipients are expected to contribute to IPC Tertiary Institute through an internal internship programme as a way of enhancing leadership and personal development.

The SEG Scholarship is funded by the Soshi Educational Group, which spans throughout Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand. With more than fifteen educational institutes throughout the Asia-Pacific region (including schools, tertiary institutes and other educational organisations) the SEG provides facilities for all learners of all ages – from small children to senior citizens. The SEG offers educational opportunities to meet the changing needs of society in the 21st century.

ScholarshipsSEG ScholarshipNZ$1,540

SEG Scholarship ANZ$7,000

SEG Scholarship BNZ$5,000

SEG Scholarship CNZ$3,000

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The 21st century requires people who can think creatively, solve problems and understand the multiple perspectives of our fellow citizens. In this globalised world we live locally yet it is vital to understand the interconnectedness between people from different places who realise that “their” problem can just as much be “our” problem.

Our location in the South Pacific makes New Zealanders curious and fascinated about life beyond our shores. International Pacific College provides a tertiary education that dramatically expands the horizons of New Zealand students. They live and learn with fellow students as part of an international community embracing two dozen countries, their studies are interdisciplinary in nature, they learn about other cultures and languages and they are prepared for the wide world.

Many young New Zealanders want to live and work in other places. The countries of the Pacific Rim are increasingly such locations. Our graduates often want to work in international organisations at home or abroad. Japan is one such country that interests young Kiwis, many of whom studied Japanese at secondary school. IPC people can be found in many countries and in a wide range of organisations – in multinational companies, government agencies, NGOs, hospitality and tourism, business and commerce, international relations, cultural and educational institutions.

Young people who undertake our programmes gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to participate effectively in their own or other countries. They often gain ability in another language, particularly Japanese, and deep understanding of other cultures. Our college has a family feeling. Our students develop a strong international outlook. In class, outside class and in extracurricular activities, you will learn about other cultures and make international friends and opportunities for the years ahead.

As a New Zealand tertiary student at IPC, you will be moving along the road to success! IPC will challenge you, care for you and guide you towards that goal of contributing effectively to the world of tomorrow!





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