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Indian Institute of Business Management Patna has been established in the year 1979 with the help of prominent academicians, social workers, philosophers, planners and administrators, management thinkers, industrialists as an autonomous, non-profit making all India institute for training, research and studies in the areas of management, computer sciences, hotel & hospitality management, e-business, e-governance and rural development. The activities of the institute include training, research, publications, conference organisation, consultancy and organisation of specialised technical and academic pogrammes besides organisation and implementation of programmes having a positive, social, educational, cultural and economic content in order to ensure the optimum development of Indian

Since it's inception, the institute responds to the educational needs of the society through continuous investigation of what those needs are as well as what they are likely to become. In responding to those needs, the institute prepares and develops both teachers and scholars who appreciate the real world of schools, students and communities. The object, content, structure and methods of different educational systems involve a variety of abilities and attitudes with the content of growth to bring reflective dimensions in their work. The emphasis is on building bridges from theory and research to practice and service. 

The Institute firmly believes in the dignity of human beings at work and their relationship within the enterprise. Keeping this in mind, IIBM is striving hard to achieve the objectives viz. :

To provide basic analytical tool-kit for management, including fundamental concepts and principles from the various management disciplines (HR, Marketing, Finance, Production, Materials, Agriculture, Health-Care, Export, Computers, Rural Development and Hotel Management and an understanding of the major institutions in the business and government sector.

To develop skills in using these tools in an imaginative, orderly, problem solving capacity by first identifying what the problems are, then analysing alternative solutions, and finally, implementing the chosen solution.

To advance ability to make and carry out rational decisions.

To develop a basis for dealing effectively with others, in person and in writing to bring efficiency and more productivity.

To encourage continued learning from experience, habitual receptiveness to new ideas and new ways of dealing with problems.

To install a thorough understanding of the overall economic, political and social environment which the trainees, as a manager, will live and work.

To serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences and collection and dissemination of information on management in general and marketing, finance, industrial relations, human resources, social welfare, retail, CRM, international business, in particular.

To sponsor, promote, encourage, conduct and contribute to the study and research and to impart instructions in any subject touching any or all aspects of management and computer sciences, including their sociological, political and economic background and context.

Course Name:PGDM
Duration:2 Years
Fees:As per university
Seats:As alloted by the University


Important Dates:
Approved by:AICTE
Mode of Learning:Regular
Course Category:Post Graduation
Salient Features:

Library and Documentation Centre

The Institute's library contains a selected collection of over 2.5 lakh books and reference materials. The Institute also subscribes more than 150 periodicals for the benefit of the participants, faculty and researchers. The information regarding big projects of the public as well as private sector organisations are arranged with unlimited access by the participants. The services of the library also include assisting the students in providing reference and bibliographical service.
The documentation centre acts as change agent in helping the participants in finding suitable reference in the areas of management, rural development, behavioural science, computers, administration and development with books, periodicals, research publications, reference documents and other relevant materials.
Apart from its own information resources in form of books, periodicals, newspapers, journals, occasional monographs, books, annual reports, data books, research projects, encyclopaedias and magazines, the institute has signed an agreement with Dr. Zakir Husain Institute, Patna to allow the free use of their most modern and vast library by the students and faculty members of IIBM.
IIBM documentation centre is engaged in regular acquisition, collection, information generation and reproduction of the relevant information sources to bring out data books, hand-books, data-sheets, indexes, current awareness bulletin etc. for the benefit of the students & faculty members.


Across the Institute's sites and resource centres, students have access to a wide range of information and resources including.

• Introductory seminars on using learning centre & library facilities for all new students. 
• Over 200,000 books in self and digital library including Ebscohost Business Elite+ Database.
• 50 newspapers & periodical subscriptions, some on CD-ROM
• 1,000 audio-visual films including audio and video tapes microfilms and slides.
• Audio and video playback facilities at library.
• Specialist workstations for multi- media, graphics and design.
• Electronic mail and Internet researchers services for students.
• Electronic information services, including details of courses and options.
• Access to the Internet through our 24 hours internet network.
• Studio workshop areas with facilities for the production of AV materials.
• Photocopying & binding facilities.
• Professional staff giving help and advice.
• Reading Room for students.
• Journals, newspapers and Periodicals to tune of 250 numbers available in the library.
• Access to the central computer, which hosts a wide range of software and services.
• Old volumes of Journals, News papers for more than 25-years are well-stocked for students
• V-SAT - Video Conferencing learning systems installed for the students.


The placement office is a major resource person for each of these process. The placement officer strives hard through out the year to communicate with the corporate employers to request them to visit the institute campus, as and when possible to screen the outgoing final semester participants for final placement.

Since its inception in the year 1979 the institute has taught and trained more than 12-thousand students and all of them are placed at suitable positions in various industries and service organisations in India and abroad. As such, this is almost difficult to publish the recruitment data of the students in the information bulletin. However, an illustrative list of few prominent industries and enterprises are mentioned below for reference and information.

We are proud enough to announce that none of our students are still unemployed or under-employed. To the best of available data of our successful candidates, about two thousand plus students are working in foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many of the gulf countries. We are proud of our students who have established their own industries and service organisations and opted to become job giver to job seeker. The institute, from the very beginning discusses intimately with the new entrants regarding their aptitudes and options for future professions and specific careers and accordingly provides teaching and training to help them achieve their career goals and ambitions.

We offer the organizations two ways in which they can perform the recruitment process.

Register below to get details.

As we have completed 32-years of excellence in Management & IT education, we take this opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude and thanks to all individuals who encouraged us at the moment it was seriously needed. We remember each word and every action which all together made it possible to let dreams came true. We are equally thankful to Department of Education, Dept. of Labour, Employment & Training, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of Bihar and Magadh University, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi American Hotel & Lodging Association, USA Intercultural Open University, The Neetherlands, The Global Open University, Milan, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), City and Guilds International, London, for accreditation of Bachelor's and Master's level degree / diploma academic programmes in the areas of management, computer sciences and IT, hotel & hospitality management, journalism & mass-communication, fashion technology paramedical & allied health sciences.

We can not forget the financial assistance by Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India and All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India for strengthening the efforts and endeavours of IIBM team. However, the success of the institute has been possible due to the training and hundred percent final placement of our students by numerous corporate industrial organisations from public and private sectors.

Our aim is to enable you to develop both intellectual and practical skills and to think creatively and criticaly. In that way, you should not only be capable in your chosen profession or area of work, but will also be able to make a significant contribution to the wider community.

Prof. Uttam Kumar Singh


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