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We conceived ITFT education group with this intent back in 1994, and still adhere to the same dictum! However, modifications and brainstorming remained a part of the journey, but all for good and growth. Institute of Technology and Future Management Trends as also affectionately termed as ‘ITFT’ came into being on 10th April, 1994. Our honest endeavor primarily revolves around bracing up students for the bigger professional world. We understand the need of the hour is to realize the significance of human resource requirements. Hence, we prepare our youth to live up to ever evolving corporate wish lists. ITFT specializes in imparting extensive and valuable education and practical knowledge in students. The various disciplines that we offer are Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, Information Technology, Events, Media & Entertainment and Management.

ITFT’s predominant focus revolves around coaching its students to keep up with the domestic and global competitive market! We like to mention ourselves as an educational sanctuary cultivating budding professionals for the real corporate world. We take constant initiatives to provide multi dimensional exposure to ITFTians through theme based shows, theater, exhibitions, expositions, trade fairs, conferences, conventions, to upgrade their analytical skills and overall personality.

We are not only a college, we are a fraternity! 

ITFT Services - What's an offer

Being one of the lead players in the professional education fraternity, ITFT (Institute of technology and future management trends) insists on pro-‘Excellance’! Our services are far flung and as dynamic as the service industry. Pioneering since 1994, ITFT has surfaced out to be one of the ace institutes in North India. What sets the brand apart is that we strive for vision that is matchless and extraordinary! When we state that ITFT has escalated over the years, we hold no apprehensions about it! Our active involvement in differed avenues has led to the attainment of our current stature. Some of those activities or more precisely services that we focus on are:

    Research and Development
    NRI Research and Studies
    Consultancy for Service Industry Projects, Tourism, Hospitality and Airlines
    Global Human Resource Solutions and Consultancy Global Conferences, Events and Communication
    Reoccupation of ex-defence personnel in Service Industry
    Ayurveda & Health Tourism
    Sustainable Eco - Tourism Research & Studies
    Corporate Training Programs
 If it is believed that sky is the limit, we carry a conviction of aiming beyond its peripheries and strive to make it a possibility, hence we are ITFT!

Course Name:BBA
Duration:3 years
Affiliation:Punjab Technical University
Fees:As per university rules
Seats:As alloted by the university


Important Dates:
Approved by:N/A
Mode of Learning:Regular
Course Category:Under Graduation
Salient Features:

Ace grade Infrastructure – Set amid natural ambience and outside city’s periphery, ITFT campus is far from the regular hustle bustle. The atmosphere was deliberately conceptualized to stimulate effective intellectual thinking and academic interaction. The Buildings have avant-garde amenities like spacious offices, first rate library, ultra modern computer labs, well furnished classrooms with multimedia equipment / LCD Projector, spacious seminar halls, open auditorium, executive development rooms, Tutorial rooms, common rooms, canteen etc. Also, the campus has play grounds for various sports activities volleyball, football, cricket etc.

Transport Facility - ITFT takes initiative to provide its students with college owned buses to combat their antsy chase for public transportation. The college has a fleet of around 10 buses that operate on a daily basis and connect major routes like Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.
Well Stocked Library – This is practically the hub where students can come together and refill their knowledge reservoir. We have a well equipped library that encompasses bestselling books, journals, magazines and the likes. The library remains accessible throughout the year on all working days from 9-5 pm.
Cafeteria – It’s time to gorge whilst staying conscious about nutrition and health. A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. We, at ITFT, understand. Hence, our Cafeteria includes menu that is designed to take care of the nutrition and vitality of our students. Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams, sundaes are some of the items that are available at nominal prices to take care of our students’ wallets.
PG Accommodation – ITFT has collaborations with various Paying guest owners. Hence, we assist in fetching our students some of the most hygienic and vibrant rental paying guest accommodations in and around Chandigarh. Paying guest accommodations are clean, safe and provide home cooked food that is healthy and hygienic.
Sports facilities – An individual’s holistic development is critical in constant progress. Hence, ITFT ensures provision of several sports activities in the campus. Apart from academics, sports play a major role in enhancing an individual’s mental and physical growth. For all those who are fanatic about various sports activities we have basket ball court, volley ball space, badminton, table tennis, cricket, gymnasium and football.

ITFT Group is proud of our diverse and dynamic family of alumni. Since the Group opened in 1994, thousands of students have crossed the threshold to become Graduates & Postgraduates of ITFT. Placements are an integral part of the institute. Training activities are organized throughout the year in an effort towards preparing the prospective students for the campus selection programmes.

The Placement Cell is functional throughout the year towards generating placement and training opportunities for the students. Reputed corporate houses across the country visit our institute regularly for the campus recruitment programmes. The placement cell coordinates quite well with the corporate sector and provides well-developed infrastructure to facilitate the campus selection programmes. The cell is designed to function with a high degree of professionalism.

It provides data to the corporate houses with regard to the candidates available for consideration towards placement in accordance with the preserved requirements. Our students have 100% job placement rate. Here are just a handful of our successful students who, after studying with ITFT, now have landed their dream job!

Dear Friends,

The Best way to make your Dream Come True, is to wake up

During the last two decades, there has been a rapid expansion in the frontiers of human knowledge, unprecedented increase in the scientific, technological and in the field of information technology. All these changes in the technology are naturally having a profound change in our thought processes and the way we shape our economy in the future. We are, indeed, on the threshold of a new millennium with the vision, that soon our country would find its rightful place among the leading nations of the world.

The country is transiting rapidly into a predominantly Service economy, creating services to meet human needs, generate employment, raise incomes, increasing purchasing power, alleviating poverty and leading to growth of economy. Presently, Service Sector contributes 58 % to nation's GDP and about a quarter of total employment, also accounting for a high share in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows and over one-third of total exports.

Together with burgeoning Service Sector, skill development has also emerged as an important tool for enhancing the employability of the Indian youth, The Coordinated Action on Skill Development 2008 and National Policy on Skill Development 2009 have given the blueprint of paradigm shift in the skills landscape to achieve the target of training the 500 million people by 2022, set by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

Compared to this, Service Sector's contribution in Punjab's GDP is 43 %, in Haryana its 48 % and in Himachal Pradesh it is 39 % . There is thus great potential to develop Service Sector in these states, which will create thousands of both direct and indirect job opportunities even in the rural and backward areas with newer entrepreneurial activities in the region

Despite Service Sector's significant contribution to the country's GDP and to give a fillip to its further growth, challenges to achieve the same are also equally formidable. We have therefore, to pay greater attention to the Human Resource Development and Skill Development and equip our youth with the knowledge and skills for better performance and to manage changes.

We at the ITFT Education Group- Chandigarh focus on Service Industry Research, Academics and Skills development with the most valuable inputs from the Corporate sector to overcome skills gaps and ready to induct trained youth as per Corporate requirements.

ITFT Education Group is a launch pad for youngsters to realize their aspirations. Our endeavour is to incorporate in our students' academic excellence and human values as well as social responsibility. Once their degree has unlocked the door, they will need the right mix of skills, abilities and personal qualities in order to turn the handle and give the door the push that will open it to them .

The ITFT Education Group predominantly offers various Bachelor's and Master's University Degree courses related to the Service Industry segments like Airlines, Tourism, Hospitality, Media Entertainment, IT, Management, Events, Commerce etc. Besides we are actively involved in various Institutional Social Responsibility programmes for rural , tribal and weaker section Youth , Defence personnel resettlement , Urban and Poverty Alleviation, Vocational Training, Women and Child Development Programme, NRI studies-Pre Departure Training, Corporate Training and Workshops, and many other need based programmes and activities. While focusing on Soft skills, Communication Skills and Corporate required skills we also strategically channelize our youth with Life Management Skills and direct placement in the industry even before completion of their university degree courses. We have an excellent corporate network with us right from soil to sale, from academics to employment.

We, therefore, invite you to be a part of the ITFT Family to unlock your potential and to realise what power lies within you. You are 'Born to Win'. You deserve to be successful in life. We would help you to convert your passion into your profession through ITFT.

God bless you.

Aman Bhardwaj
Managing Director, ITFT Education Group,


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