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"A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching" Gilbert K. Chesterton 

And there it is- the underlying mantra that defines our system of education at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. We leverage the greatest value to established facts, the emergent ideas and progressive thinking that is the hallmark of an exciting speciality as Fashion Designing, but also inspire and educate our students to be the source of this change, to be the next big name. 

Founded in 1988, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the educational division of JD Image Promotion Ltd, Bangalore. The Indian Fashion Industry is still in its infancy, as compared to its counterparts elsewhere, but already recognizes JD Institute as an expert at recognizing, educating and promoting resourceful individuals who have gone forward to leave their distinct mark on the Global Fashion scene. With over 20,000 successful graduates- numerous Design Professionals employed by recognized brands worldwide, a promising number of successful fashion entrepreneurs, and the cradle from where established names like Rocky S, Shane & Falguni, Reza, Gaurav Chabra, Urvashi Kaur, Maheka Mirpuri, Nitin- Isha, Niket Mishra originated, JD Institute's reputation is set in solid stone.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is a prominent player in the National and International fashion scene and maintains a cordial relationship with the ‘movers and shakers' associated with this very exciting, creative and progressive field. This transpires into juicy opportunities for our youngsters- to participate in the real world of fashion, work closely with the choicest brands, feature on shows, exhibitions and competitions, while still pursuing their studies at JD Institute.

The road that JD has travelled is a rewarding one. A regular contributor to the development of the Indian Fashion Industry with Exhibitions, Fashion Shows and other such events, its contributions towards the growth of the Design and Garment exports segment have been widely appreciated and applauded. Always in the spotlight, JD collaborated with Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, 2011 as their Institutional partners to rave reviews. The saga of JD Institute crunches new milestones as it rolls down the road in its quest to legitimize the Indian Fashion Industry by unearthing talents that compete with the best in the World.

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, we pride in our past achievements and eagerly look forth to the future. Our degree and diploma courses in fashion, interiors and jewellery design are planned to draw the best out of the hopeful, imaginative designers and highlight their presence to the World.

Course Name:M.Sc in Fashion CommunicationM.Sc in Textile TechnologyB.SC in Fashion & Apparel DesigningB.SC in Interior DesignDiploma in Fashion DesignDiploma in Interior DesignDiploma in Jewellery Design
Duration:2 years2 years3 years3 years1 Year (Fast Track) / 2 Years1 Year6 Months
Affiliation:Kuvempu University, BangaloreKuvempu University, BangaloreKuvempu University, BangaloreKuvempu University, BangaloreKuvempu University, BangaloreKuvempu University, BangaloreKuvempu University, Bangalore



10 +2 or Equivalent

10 +2 or equivalent

10 +2 or equivalent

10 +2 or equivalent

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Mode of Learning:RegularRegularRegularRegularRegularRegularRegular
Course Category:Post GraduationPost GraduationUnder GraduationUnder graduationDiplomaDiplomaDiploma
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State - of- the art - infrastructure

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It has been over two decades since the first student enrolled at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Since then, over 20,000 design students have passed through our halls. But the questions I am asked by tentative applicants never change: Can I do it? What does it take? I can barely draw a straight line.

I believe all you need is a little imagination and the willingness to work hard at converting your imagination into success. Your background is immaterial. The father of advertising, David Ogilvy, scrounged around as an apprentice chef and a door-to-door salesman before he entered advertising. The rest, as they say, is history. So don’t worry about skills. Skills can be learnt. Instead, develop and articulate your imagination which is your unique way of looking at the world. That is your single biggest gift. And work hard at mastering your craft so you can make your imagination come alive. 

Today, the fashion industry is more fragmented and competitive than ever. But that also means it is ripe for bold and imaginative ideas that leave a mark on the industry. Many Indian designers are already doing that. And you can get there too. All you need is a confident imagination and the training to harness that imagination for tangible results. 

This is where it happens. Welcome to Imagination.


Mr. Chandrakant Dalal


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