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Lincoln University is a private, nonprofit, nonsectarian university based in Oakland, California. The university is located near the 12th Street BART station in downtown Oakland. It enrolls about 400 students in undergraduate and graduate level programs in business administration, as well an English language program, certificate programs, and associate degrees. A large percentage of the student body is international students pursuing degrees in business administration.[citation needed] The university is currently led by Dr. Allan Samson, who is chairman of the Board of Trustees and instructor and by Dr. Mikhail Brodsky, president and rector.

Named to honor the life and work of President Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln University was founded and chartered under the laws of California in 1926. The first university officers were Benjamin Franklin Lickey, president, and Edward J. Silver, vice president and educational director. Lickey with his wife Susan had in 1919 founded a law study program in San Francisco for veterans returning after the First World War and other working adults which offered evening classes to part-time students while he was working as the western representative of the Law Department of the La Salle Extension University of Chicago which offered degrees through correspondence courses.The program developed into a tutorial center with a broader curriculum. One of its early slogans was "The Shortcut to Success" and it offered "reasonable terms" and a "money-back guarantee."

By 1927 Lincoln University was operating on the Arcade Floor of the Phelan Building on Market Street in San Francisco with Colleges of Law and Commerce and a Department of Special Courses and Coaching,offering both day and evening classes as a co-educational institution. An advertisement of that year showed Lincoln University offering college courses in law, commerce, foreign trade, and business administration and special courses and coaching in bar examination preparation, advertising, journalism, and public speaking. It also maintained a junior college and high school program which operated a preparatory school and special preparation for College Board examinations. At this time Lickey served as president of Lincoln University while continuing as the agent of LaSalle Extension University.

Its nonprofit status was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service in 1950 and in 1961 a second campus was opened in San Jose. By 1987 the San Jose campus had become the location of the university's law school programs. It separated in 1993 to become the independent Lincoln Law School of San Jose. The university moved from San Francisco to Oakland in December 1999.

Course Name:MBAMS
Duration:2 Years2 Years
Fees:Not availableNot available
Important Dates:
Approved by:
Mode of Learning:RegularRegular
Course Category:Post GraduationPost Graduation
Salient Features:

The following objectives have been identified and judged appropriate: 


use of analytical tools from the quantitative and behavioral sciences; 

coverage of the basic functional areas of business with stress on their inter-relationships; 

the building of flexible adaptability to changing environments; 

the development of the student's ability to evaluate social, political, and economic values;

advancement of skills in group cooperation and decision-making; 

development of communication skills; 

development of a sense of professional responsibility; 

the multinational aspects as related to all the subject areas.

The University is located in a beautiful historic building at 15th and Franklin Streets in downtown Oakland, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and many bus routes are nearby. The University is situated in the center of a vital, growing city and provides attractive environ­ment for its students. It has spacious classrooms, an auditorium, and a library, as well as computer, English, and diagnostic imaging laboratories. Vending machines and microwave ovens are provided in the cafeteria and the student lounge, where students may gather for conversa­tions, TV watching, and games.


Since 1919, Lincoln University has always maintained an interracial and intercultural orientation. The geographical and historical influence of the San Francisco Bay Area has attracted students from many nations, especially the countries around the Pacific Rim. Accordingly, the university has sought to provide an international setting for its students. The students are encouraged to be intellectually curious in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of cultural differences and similarities, and serious in efforts to find solutions to the problems of the world today. In recent years, students from more than forty countries have been enrolled at Lincoln University.


Lincoln University is a community of learning, whose members including administration, faculty, and students, hold a variety of unique cultural backgrounds and traits. The curriculum is grounded on general studies and is designed to encourage individual exploration of advanced studies. The University conducts its programs with a conscious focus upon the cross-cultural dimensions of learning.

Lincoln University provides post-secondary education opportunities for all students, regardless of their country of origin, socio-economic level, race, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. The University holds a policy of open admission to all qualified students.

Each student is a separate and unique individual who is respected as such. One of the objectives for each faculty member is to respect and to enhance the dignity and worth of each student. The services provided by the University are distinguished by their specific ability to meet the needs of students who are reaching to their unique goals. To this end, each faculty and staff member contributes to the process of guidance and counseling.

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By selecting Lincoln University, you are choosing an education that will make possible a life full of opportunities and will give you skills to gain greater control over your own destiny. I'd like to personally welcome you aboard and congratulate you on making this important decision.

Lincoln University is a unique institution of higher learning, where educational excellence, professional know-how, and up-to-date international standards are combined with individual attention and a friendly atmosphere, giving rise to a world-class education.

At Lincoln, we pride ourselves both on the quality of our education and its relevance in today's professional world. Each program within the university is designed to ensure that all of the acquired knowledge and skills will be valuable to its graduates, providing a practical and solid foundation for the student's future. We make sure that every part of our students' education serves a purpose and brings them closer to accomplishing their professional goals.

Since its founding in 1919, around the same time as many of America's top schools, the university has chosen to deliver the best, custom-fit education to the select few, rather than provide the widest range of subjects and cater to the widest possible audience. Lincoln begins with a highly competent faculty and the most useful educational programs, and mentors each student all the way to graduation. Our students' success proves that we make the right choices.

Lincoln has become a truly global university due to its diverse multicultural student body and faculty. Located in a powerful international hub - the San Francisco Bay Area - it provides a multitude of invaluable learning opportunities. Because a successful career in the 21st century requires deep understanding of international relations and the impact of globalization, Lincoln is well-positioned to give its students a competitive advantage in business and professional fields worldwide.

I invite you to discover for yourself the unique character of Lincoln University. Our excellent and rigorous curriculum, outstanding faculty and convenient facilities provide all the necessary components to ensure our students' path to a successful future.

Dr. Mikhail Brodsky, President and Rector


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