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NIEV  is an english institute in MayurVihar phase-1 , established on 05/03/2013,NIEV has many class rooms as per level of students means for basic level students there is a basic level class in which grammar is taught from ZERO level ( from starting) then intermediate level which stands for those students who can speak english but they need to speak fluently and correctly they want group discussion classes ,debate presentation role plays  in addition, correct pronunciation and hesitation removal .NIEV has its video class which is very effective for learning english this is called projector class in which public speaking and presentation skills are taught . NIEV has computer labs for giving extra support to its students for listening English means videos are shown so that students can listen English because without listening no language can be taught and learnt NIEV has numbers of students who are being benefitted.

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3 spacious  classes

Fully Air conditioned Environment

Classes Equipped with Projector

Power Back up



Highly qualified and experienced teachers.

 NIEV has become the foundation of its students for making their career, not only NIEV name gives meaning but also logo gives the message to people of english foundation NIEV institute enlightens lights in life of people by giving its unique and scientific based projects of English NIEV provides basic practical knowledge of grammar which hinges upon practical life, there is nothing bookish.

NIEV has covered 2*1/2successful years holding good rank in east Delhi NIEV has made dreams of people come true of speaking english with the help of its influential project by which English comes directly on tongue NIEV has given clear picture for learning english that we can’t speak until we speak english hence we must listen English so that we can speak.


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Managing Director of NIEV MOHD ASHRAF ANSARI being alumnus of Madrasa from Urdu medium school, graduation from Delhi university and diploma from Jamia in Spanish of two years,M.A in english from Nainital university after putting stiffendeavor, he has made scientific & natural projects of english which are based on ears, mind and tongue like we listen Hindi,Hindi records in mind and tongue speaks Hindi 

Mr. ANSARI is a true entrepreneur and passionate for English language, business strategy, advertising and marketing. Has made english easy in order to learn quickly Ansari’s mission & vision to widespread english among people in proper way so that people can speak fluently .as per him english or any language can be leant if we listen first then try to speakno doubt initially aspirants of english face problems  but later they will speak english  the  most difficult  task in this world to remain  something continue longer enough e.g. when a child starts learning how to walk , it falls down then  the child  tries to walk again –n- again one day the day comes the same child runs, if a child who has understood walking no one can stop him /her  to run in this world the message goes to all dears let english continue until it comes on tongue .  


YOGITA AWASTHI is a co-director as well as head of studies and operation in NIEV .She has got her education from Pithoragarh (U.K) and M.A. English from NainitalUniversity. She is a multi-talented lady. She is an influential personality.

YOGITA is the head of the of CLC of Ghaziabad who provides services and resolutions to all people she is honest and hardworking,In her ideologyrigorous practice is the key of success for e.g. aconstant drops of water can change the shape of that portion of stone on which it falls continuously if a child who is very weak if he works hard so one day he definitely will speak english, never give up trying it is formula of success.


C-18 , Madawali Unche Par,

Opp: Taravati Charitable Medical Center & NAvniti Appartments

Joshi Colony , I.P Extension Delhi-110092

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