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An Established First Class Educational Institute to Foster Business Talents

The New Zealand College of Business (also known as NZCB) was registered in New Zealand with the Ministry of Education in 2004 according to the 1989 "Education Act" (code: 1327). NZCB is also recognized by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) as a tertiary level institute which provides high quality academic instruction and support to international students (Code: 7653). NZCB is a member of Export New Zealand, Education Christchurch Canterbury, Christchurch Educated, Christchurch Employer Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand Association of Private Education Providers and Study Auckland.

NZCB has three campuses, one campus is located in Auckland (the most populated city in New Zealand), and the other two campuses are located in Christchurch (the biggest city in South Island New Zealand) and Lincoln University. Our Auckland campus is located inside the UNITEC Mt Albert Campus. It is nicely positioned in a 55-hectare oasis of trees, lawns and gardens and it is one of the most beautiful campuses in New Zealand. Also our Lincoln Campus is an independent institute located inside Lincoln University. We have full campus facilities to enhance student life. We can offer spacious learning areas, advanced teaching equipment, computer labs, library, health and medical centre, student counselling centre, bank, two student accommodation lodges, bookshop, copy centre, free on-campus Wi-Fi and recreation centre.

NZCB has been committed to providing high quality teaching to students since our establishment. NZCB employs highly regarded and well respected professionals, educators and entrepreneurs from all over the world as lecturers and consultants. Both administration staff and teachers in NZCB hold degrees or higher qualifications and have wide experience in teaching students. All of the students are well looked after and apart from providing students with modern and high standard business administration courses and International ESOL course, NZCB also pays special attention to students' skills, talents and professional knowledge development. The aims are to maximize the quality and delivery of teaching given to students, setting up team-work concepts, teaching and developing decision-making abilities and the provision of a multi-cultural environment within the student community.

NZCB has students from Asia and Oceania, a total of more than 60 regions. NZCB currently provides Business Administration Courses (from Level 4 to Level 7) and International ESOL Course to students. NZCB courses are designed to assist students to gain entry into a Bachelor of Business degree or Master of Business degree with cross credits available and find a successful future career in terms of employment and immigration. After completing Level 5 or higher Diploma, a student will gain immigration points and have the opportunity to obtain a 1-3 year work visa. To encourage international education, NZCB accepts international students and also welcomes long and short term study groups from different countries, summer camps and university student exchange programmes.

After several years of hard work, NZCB has become a highly reputable and widely recognised institution with high quality teaching and management levels. NZCB has formally established cooperation and academic relationships with University of Canterbury (UC), Lincoln University (LU), Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) and UNITEC Institute of Technology (UNITEC). NZCB also has formally established a cooperation relationship with various overseas universities, including the 0.5+1+2 Bachelor's Degree Program and the 3+1+1 Bachelor(Diploma) to Master's Degree Program. The academic partnerships we have with these higher learning institutions is highly beneficial in terms of credits recognition and resources sharing. Particularly, NZCB has established cooperation and partnership relationships with many world famous companies and Chambers of Commerce, which provides more internship and work opportunities for our students. As a result the further education and employment rate of NZCB graduates is as high as 95%.

NZCB is an established first class educational institute to foster business and management talents. It is also recognised by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China. NZCB knows that a creative development plan and updated teaching methods are the two essentials in promoting, elevating and enhancing talents. At the same time we also make sure that we are keeping a close eye on the changes and development within the business industry so that we are able to equip our students with the right knowledge, confidence and skills to be qualified for any available employment positions.

External Quality Assurance:

NZQA is confident in the education performance of NZCB

NZQA is confident in the capability in self-assessment of NZCB

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NZCB works willingly and diligently to comply with and respect  the ethos and  wishes of  its prestigious academic partners, Unitec Institute of Technology to ensure and maintain an optimum learning environment for all students. The College uses its best efforts  to ensure students with difficulties are catered for during their learning at NZCB. Integration into university life is facilitated through the issuance of a student card and full use of Lincoln University or UNITEC facilities.

Our students feel part of the university campus family from the day they start at NZCB and this has been shown to benefit them in settling in, their overall academic studies and their personal well-being.

There are many services and facilities on –campus. These include:

Student Health and Support

Library, teaching and Learning

Computer facilities: computer laboratories

Free wireless internet access

Employment and Industry Liaison Unit

Printing Facilities


Recreation and Sports Centre

Students societies

On- campus accommodation

Free Parking

1.International Education

Students and staff come from all over the world to study and teach at NZCB. Our programs are focused on the global marketplace and many of our students find work offshore after graduation. Due to the mix of cultures at NZCB, students gain unique opportunities to learn, not only from books and lecturers, but also from their classmates. Many cross-cultural friendships and business ventures have developed within the NZCB family.

2.University Environment

NZCB has three campuses; you can choose to study in Christchurch or our Auckland Campus, which is located inside the UNITEC Mt Albert Campus. It is nicely positioned in a 55 – hectare oasis of trees, lawns and gardens and it is one of the most beautiful campuses in New Zealand. Our Lincoln campus is an independent institute located inside Lincoln University; you will enjoy university environment and the use of university facilities.

3.Nurturing and Support 

NZCB has been educating international students for over 10 years. The smaller class sizes provide our lecturers enough time to get to know students' personal study needs and help students set realistic targets. We are here to help students during their stay and graduate with NZCB.

4.Pathway to Degrees

NZCB has formally established co-operative and academic relationships with University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, CPIT and UNITEC.NZCB programs provide pathways from foundation to degree, master and PhD.

5.Excellent Facilities 

Our campuses are modern, well-equipped and provide a range of student facilities. These include libraries, kitchens for students, computer rooms for e-mail, Free WIFI and Student Lounge. Students in NZCB Auckland and Lincoln Campus have the right to use university facilities.

6.Study to Work

Once graduating with a one year qualification at level 7 or two years qualification at level 5 & 6, you can apply for a 12 months post - study work visa, if you consider permanent residency, you will aim to find work in a role related to your field of study. You can apply for a further visa for up to two or three years under the study to work category.

7.Orientation Programme 

Orientation programme will be arranged for the new students, to help the students get the most benefit from their studies at the College. The orientation programme will also assist a new student settle into New Zealand.

8.Experienced tutors 

All the lecturers at the College are highly qualified and trained professionals. All lecturers hold degree or higher qualifications. Our lecturers have wide experience in teaching students from all over the world.

9.IESOL Exam Centre

NZCB Auckland and Christchurch Campus are both official Exam Centres of International ESOL, with monthly exam available. You can register two weeks before the exam date.

10.Plan your future

Our professional advisers can help you to plan what to do after finishing your studies at NZCB, you can choose to further your studies or get a rewarding job in your chosen professions.


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Christchurch Educated Scholarships funded by Education New Zealand

Number of scholarships:4 in total (prospective students of New Zealand College of Business)

Amount of scholarship:NZ$1000 per recipient (towards tuition fee)

Deadline of application:31 Mar 2015 

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be offshore international students intending to study in New Zealand College of Business (NZCB) - Christchurch Campus

The course of study must start before 30 Jun 2014.


Students whose minimum average result is 75 (out of 100) in their academic transcripts achieved in their home institutes, and

Students accepted to study towards NZCB's Level 5, Level 6 or Level 7 qualification, and

Students who, after graduating from NZCB, plan to continue their degree or postgraduate study at NZCB's academic cooperation partners in Canterbury Region (i.e. University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and CPIT).

A list of short-listed students will be devised, and NZCB will make the final selection.

For all enquiries, please contact Kun Zhao by phone (03)379-6668 or email

All applicants must fill in a scholarship application form and email it to with supporting materials attached.

Please note students whose application has been approved for this ENZ student scholarship will be subjected to sign an agreement with New Zealand College of Business.

New Zealand College of Business & ANZ Bank Student Scholarships

Number of scholarships: 4 in total (prospective students of New Zealand College of Business)

Amount of scholarship: NZ$1500 per recipient (towards tuition fee)

Deadline of application:Must apply within 3 months after completing a NZCB qualification (based on the date printed on the certificate)

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must have completed a NZCB qualification (ranging from Level 5 to Level 7) with 100% attendance and 75% overall results.

Applicants must be furthering their tertiary studies with either NZCB or our academic partners in New Zealand (University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology, UNITEC Institute of Technology).

A list of short-listed students will be devised, and NZCB will make the final selection.

For all enquiries, please contact Kun Zhao by phone (03)379-6668 or email

All applicants must fill in a scholarship application form and email it to with supporting materials attached.

NZCB offers 16 week English Scholarship to International Students

Get up to 16 weeks free IESOL English tuition when you enrol in a one year or longer Diploma programme!

The New Zealand College of Business (NZCB) is offering free IESOL English tuition to International students as part of a programme that appears to be unmatched in New Zealand.

The initiative, which offers 16 weeks of free IESOL tuition if students sign up for a Diploma course, is targeting students in the lucrative International education market.

NZCB is already trialling the idea in an effort to bring more foreign students to New Zealand. Our free IESOL programme is, at this stage, limited to year 2014 enrollment only and fifty- nine students have enrolled already. Make your decision to take advantage of this offer now to avoid missing out!

How it works 

Simply pay a bond of NZ$5,600 to start studying at NZCB’s IESOL on the 16 Week English Scholarship scheme. When you enrol on a Diploma course of one year or more, the bond is then credited to your Diploma course fees – you are only required to pay the difference.

How to apply 

Simply complete our International Student Application Form and the NZCB 16 Week IESOL English Scholarship form send to

About The International ESOL (City & Guilds IESOL) qualifications

The International ESOL (IESOL) courses will help you develop your skills and abilities to communicate in English and enable you to work or study in English-speaking countries and/or environments. After studying the IESOL courses, you may register for City & Guilds IESOL exam or Cambridge IELTS exam test to achieve related certificates.

The City & Guilds International ESOL (IESOL) qualifications are for anyone who is a non-native speaker of English and would like to demonstrate their ability in communicating in English. Many English-speaking universities accept this qualification as evidence of language proficiency for entry on to their courses (Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and PHD).

Scholarship terms and conditions 

You are eligible for a 16 Week IESOL programme Scholarship when you enrol in a Diploma programme (Level 5 and/or level 6 and/or level 7 Diploma in Business Administration) of one year or longer full-time duration. 

To undertake the 16 Week IESOL Programme Scholarship, you must provide an upfront payment of NZ$5,600 for the IESOL programme. If you meet the English entry requirements and are accepted into a Diploma programme of at least one year full-time duration, the upfront payment will be credited against the tuition fees for that Diploma programme. You are required to pay the remaining tuition fee balance and any applicable resource fee for the Diploma programme.



Kia Ora!

New Zealand College of Business is committed to the personal and intellectual development of its students, and aims to prepare students with the business knowledge and skills required for successful business careers both in New Zealand and globally. We are proud of the quality of our business programs and special emphasis is placed on a thorough understanding of the theoretical business principles and the practical implementation of these principles in global business. We have three campuses; Auckland, Christchurch and Lincoln. As a business school, we stress the importance of quality education and expose our students to a broad and well-rounded range of business disciplines. We have dedicated ourselves to meeting the needs of a diverse group of talented students, emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Through active and creative learning environment, we encourage our students to achieve excellence in their academic, personal, and professional lives. New Zealand College of Business students will be prepared for their future as business entrepreneurs and practitioners with confidence and competence.

New Zealand College of Business is a dynamic business school engaging well qualified and professionally trained staffs with a passion for business focusing on real world business based applications while still covering the theoretical foundations necessary for a full understanding. The faculty is dedicated to teaching excellence and encouraging students to acquire and synthesize knowledge in field of business. More than 50 percent of our students further their studies in universities and some pursue careers in the private sector firms and industries, as well as in government upon graduation.

Your interest in New Zealand College of Business today begins a journey of learning, leadership, and service. We are committed to transforming students with the skills, knowledge and values required to add value to business organizations and society. You will make life-long friends here. You will discover the value of learning in a school that cares. You will become a part of a tradition of excellence here. We look forward to seeing you at New Zealand College of Business!”


With kind regards,

Prof. Christopher Gan


2. Lincoln

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