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Patronage Institute of Management Studies is a non-profit, quality conscious and trend-setting institute with focus on providing equal opportunities for development of human potentials of every segment of Society including the differentiated one. The Institute has been established through the dedicated and selfless endeavor of educationists and social workers who are deeply concerned with the standards of education and are determined to upgrade the quality, content and direction of education. The Institute is a venture of its kind where educators and professionals have joined hands to aid and direct the agenda of education. The Institute is located in the institutional area of Greater Noida and has a magnificent building. The campus is spread over 5 acres of land with lush green lawns and trees.

The Institute strongly supports the anti- smoking and anti- ragging campaigns of the Indian Government. The anti –ragging Committee of the Institute has implemented all the provisions of anti-ragging in the campus of the Patronage Institute as per the directions of the Supreme Court’s Order dated May’2001

Course Name:MBA
Duration:2 Years
Fees:As per University

Graduation with minimum 50 % marks

Important Dates:
Approved by:AICTE
Mode of Learning:Regular
Course Category:Post Graduation
Salient Features:

COMPUTER CENTRE: - The Institute has one well-equipped Computer Laboratory, having 30 Pentium IV with multimedia, Laser Printers, Desk Jet Printers and adequate licensed software. All PCs are networked using a powerful IBM Server. The facility for Internet Access using ISDN is also offered to all students. The Computer Centre imparts regular training to encourage students in developing real life software projects.


LIBRARY: - The Institute has a Library covering an area of 120 Sq. Meters and having over 4500 volumes from different areas of education. It has a spacious Reading Room equipped with a variety of leading Journals, Periodicals, Magazines and Newspapers.


TEACHING / LEARNING STRATEGIES: - Various innovative and creative techniques are employed during the teaching process to make learning an interesting experience. Teaching is done by interactive methodology whereby students are given an opportunity to widen their horizons through case studies, role plays, seminars, group discussions, tutorials, training workshops and intensive grounding in IT and communication skills. Teaching aids are employed extensively for this purpose.


CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:- Wall Magazine, Debates, Annual Magazine, Cultural & Literary Activities, Industrial Visits, Counselling, Sports, Training & Research Facilities, Business Quiz, IT Quiz, Exhibition, Seminar, Celebrating Special Occasions such as Children's Day, Literacy Day, etc. are some of the co-curricular activities organized in the Institute.


SPORTS COMPLEX : - There is a well equipped sports complex within the premises of the Institute, having all facilities for both indoor and outdoor games

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The fast changing business environment is changing the mindset of the professionals. No more the thinking to won country markets. The view is on global markets and to get access o unexplored business potentials. He risks are high but the lure of the return is attracting corporate to new postures. The future promises are to be event more challenging. A Professional today has to be much more alive to the changing economic and business scene and should be in a position to use skills to best advantage.

The Institutes, shaping up the professionals have a crucial role to play in the changing environment. They have train the upcoming professionals not just in the traditional subjects, but also to go much beyond the contemporary issues that affect the business of today.

The global economy is poised for a high growth and the only professionals who can cope up with the challenging environment will become successful. The Curriculum calls for a higher degree of being aware to the change and should train the new generation professionals in skills that make him an effective and efficient professional. We need to train them not only to be professionals but also to be effective leaders.

The Professionals are a function with vision that transcends boundaries and should have the quality of learning and implementation as well. The Institutes has to instill confidence and leadership qualities in the upcoming professionals and mould them to a whole personality. They are also to be educated on the need for being professionals with human values so that they would be respected leaders in their areas.

We, at Patronage Institute of Management Studies have a vision that symbolizes the dynamism and human values. We have worked out a curriculum that would dynamically address the issues of the future and give the professional such a training that would bring out the leadership in them.

Come, join and share our vision for a bright future





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