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Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, set up in 1987, is named after the great Indian revolutionary Sukhdev Thapar, whose name has been instilled in the history of the war of Indian Independence. The man with a vision, the man with the spirit passion, the man with great love for his motherland, the man who created history! Shaheed Sukhdev is one of those millions to whom we owe the free air we breathe in. He was one of the forerunners of many strategies planning adopted by Indian Nationalists in the freedom struggle. His biggest contribution was mobilizing the youth of India, and instilling in them a spirit of unity and a common goal – Freedom Liberation. A founding member of the Naujawan Bharat Sabha, he worked with other revolutionaries, including Bhagat Singh and Rajguru. He might have been silenced by the British on the 24th of March 1931, but is remembered even today with great respect for showing the zeal and valour, in India's fight for independence. The legacy of this great martyr will continue to live on forever, in our hearts, in our tories, in our history books and through Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.


Creating new frontiers of knowledge and standards of achievement to mould committed, responsible, ethical and active managers out of students; honing their latent skills, sparking their curiosity, developing leadership qualities and the ability to influence and change their organisations and society as a whole in a positive, significant and wholesome manner; and thus enabling them to reach the zenith of their potentials.


CBS’s mission is to provide an impetus to students in the area of management training, education and research and to build, expand and reinforce the managerial skills needed to excel in this era of globalisation and competition, thereby producing managers and leaders who can pioneer new practices, set greater standards and in the process, enable their organisations to scale new heights.



Course Name:Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)B Tech
Duration:3 years4 Years
Affiliation:Delhi UniversityDelhi University
Fees:As Prescribed by Delhi UniversityAs Prescribed by Delhi University
Important Dates:N/A
Approved by:
Mode of Learning:RegularRegular
Course Category:Under GraduationUnder Graduation
Salient Features:

A strong infrastructure base is imperative for providing a learning environment of international standards. We have taken some concrete steps towards providing the same.

The college has a well equipped Audio Visual Hall and Conference Room with modern teaching aids such as LCD projector, overhead projector, personal address and conference system. The A/V Room is used for presentations and guest lectures of the College alumni and Various Corporate executives all aimed at the purpose of enriching the students with the latest knowledge and giving them a platform for voicing their doubts and concerns about the topic in question. Each classroom is equipped with its own overhead projector. The college has a 82.5 KVA generator set to ensure un-interrupted power supply. It also possesses a 35 seater bus which is used for the transportation of students for industrial visits and various inter college competitions.


The college library is fully computerized. The air-conditioned environment of the library ensures that students enjoy reading up the latest journals and the business newspapers with relative ease. The library has added 650 new titles to its collection. The total number of books in the library is 14,730. In addition, the college subscribes to 48 national and international journals and magazines and 12 national and business newspapers. The library made purchases worth Rs.4,00,000/- (approximate) during the year to enhance the knowledge of the students by exposing them to a greater variety of books on their respective subject.

Computer Laboratories

The college has four well equipped computer laboratories, two for the BBS students, one for the B.Sc.(H) Computer Science students and one for the BFIA students. The college has a network of 30-35 IBM and Compaq P-IV machines in each of the three labs. The computer labs are networked using windows and Unix platforms. The labs are enriched with a collection of latest software like Unix, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle etc. In addition, these labs are equipped with multimedia facilities, scanner, CD writer, DVD writer etc.

WiFi Connectivity

The college provides wireless internet to its students. This is available throughout a majority of the college building and attempts are being made to provide it to all of the students.

This helps students to undertake projects in their free classes and various other presentations. The faculty too is able to impart of this service free of cost.

Students are able to undertake research work, perform their respective college society’s work and keep-in-touch with the latest business happenings, courtesy of the wireless internet provided. Many students also utilise this service for preparing presentations for college as well as inter- college events, many of which have succeeded in winning laurels for the college.


Audio-Visual Room

The college has an audio visual room which holds pre-placement talks, workshops and seminars. The room is equipped with high quality wall mounted projector for an enhanced visual experience. Moreover, with a seating capacity of 150, it is the most sought after room for presentations and the like.

Transport Facility

The college provides for a bus from the Welcome metro station to the college and back. The bus timings are fixed and in tandem with the college timings.

The high standards of excellence give CBS the phenomenal and undeniable edge we are recognized for. And these standards are endlessly pushed beyond the horizon. This lays down the foundation of our biggest asset: Unrest. At CBS, we are never content. The inverse correlation between our satisfaction and our progress is an acknowledged and appointed theory at CBS. This is the CBS difference.

What sets CBS apart from other colleges is our recognition that every student is different. At CBS, we strive to identify and maintain that ‘difference’. We constantly endeavour to create opportunities for skill development in different areas of interest, and to cater to the diverse needs of the students. The fact that CBS doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all policy is evident in its placement process, where companies from as many as fifteen sectors, including consulting, insurance, knowledge services, real estate, media, investment banking, PR, IT, shipping, and financial services recruited students.

The curriculum and the college atmosphere promote inquisition, innovation, leadership and team-spirit. Apart from possessing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of management as well as a considerable degree of corporate exposure, our students are resourceful, versatile and enthusiastic. It is this marked difference that has helped the college set new benchmarks with every placement season.

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Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies University of Delhi has a legacy of academic and professional excellence and has been a pioneer in undergraduate management education since 1987. The program curriculum in each of the courses is designed by our experienced faculty and lays the foundation for conceptual understanding. Exposure to real business situations is a key point of the curriculum. This is done through case studies, summer training and Industrial visits.

We have earnestly believed that imparting good education is about good faculty, good students and a learning environment. We are highly focused on each of these three areas. We also believe that education is not about teaching curriculum, it is about the development of human intellect, training the thought process to face unprecedented situations with confidence. It is about the development of personality, interpersonal skills and instilling the right value system.

At SS CBS it is about teaching and reaching out to each one of our students. We teach, we counsel and through the numerous student activities we impart life skills. We stand behind their (students) backs, we enjoy with them and more importantly we also learn. We have an intimate learning environment with each one of us engaged and accessible to our students, and many other fun opportunities to interact with each other.

Our students become close friends, making the most of all of this. They form clubs of every sort; they speak openly, sensibly and provocatively in class; they encourage one another in divergent careers and activities; and they (much like each one of us in the faculty) are independent thinkers who are not embarrassed to be interested in ideas or to think creatively, even as they remain devoted to such things as politics, sports, or any other activity of their choice.

Thus, the time one spends at SS CBS is an exciting journey to learn, to make lifelong friends, to differentiate between what one knows and what one doesn’t – also about knowing where to go and find what one needs to know and having got it knowing how to use the information.

This we believe is wholesome education - truly an experience: If I were in your place I would like to study here and be part of this legacy that will make me feel proud.






Dr. Poonam Verma




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