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TECHWORDS campus is approved by AICTE, (All India Council for Technical Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi) and is affiliated to Uttrakhand Technical University, Dehradun.

TECHWORDS is located and dissected by quiet meandering canals of two sides, one side is the famous Ganga Canal which flowing from Haridwar to Kanpur and the other side is the mini canal.Techwords has a pleasant area with a conspicuous, creaky, splashing and a kind of quay, sliced up by the silhouetted mango and peach fronds. The sprawling lush green campus is spread over around 20 acres of land.

The dense mangrove and leafy shrubs have welded up the impregnable serene and tranquility into the mind of the students.

TECHWORDS is committed to deliver qualitative, meaningful and practical oriented professional training to the students. In TECHWORDS, we look at education with a different point of view. For us, education doesn’t exist in the quantity of knowledge, but it lies in the quality of knowledge and lore which support the students to groom and mould themselves according to the demands and needs of the recent competitive educational era.

Talking about the road ahead of education one must also look at certain current issues concerning education. Education greatly enhances the social employment opportunities of people; promoting entrepreneurship in state is something that can go a long way in improving of economics graph. Techwords has taken on the task of identifying; developing and nurturing entrepreneurial talent among the students. With this aim the institute took a decision to begin focused courses like B.Tech, M.B.A and PGDM.The students are suitably rewarded with learning practical skills, exposure and talents.

Course Name:MBAMCABBABCAB. Tech.B. Sc.
Duration:2 Years3 Years3 Years3 Years4 Years3 Years
Affiliation:Uttarakhand Technical University, DehradunUttarakhand Technical University, DehradunUttarakhand Technical University, DehradunUttarakhand Technical University, DehradunUttarakhand Technical University, DehradunUttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun
Fees:As per UniversityAs per UniversityAs per UniversityAs per UniversityAs per UniversityAs per University
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10+2 with PCM

10+2 with PCM

10+2 with PCM

Important Dates:
Mode of Learning:RegularRegularRegularRegularRegularRegular
Course Category:Post GraduatePost GraduateUnder GraduateUnder GraduateUnder GraduateUnder Graduate
Salient Features:


A learning space, the Academic Block occupies two floors. It is a dynamic, energy charged area where learning happens and ideas are exchanged. Broken up into lecture theatres, faculty rooms, computer lab, break-out spaces and a conference room these floors are planned to encourage interactions, exchange of ideas and brainstorming sessions.
Constantly updated as and when new technology emerges, TECHWORDS Computer Lab is equipped with over 125 multi-media functional computers. The computer lab offers printing, photo-copying and scanning facilities to aid students stay in sync.


A special feature of Techwords is its residential character with most of the students residing in the hostel. Techwords is truly representative of multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-lingual character. The students live in the same rooms, dine on the same tables, play on the same grounds, and share together the joys and concerns of residential life in hostel. This traditional and harmonious corporate living has made a major contribution to the development of a broad, cosmopolitan and secular attitude in Techwords. The higher objective behind the establishment of this institute is not merely the dissemination of knowledge but to provide the necessary skills and mental attitude to face the vagaries of hostels administered by a Provost and a number of teacher wardens who look after the hostel. All inmates are required to dine in the common Dinning Hall, unless exempted by the Provost. The hostel is enriched with facilities for indoor games, a Reading Room, Sports and a Literary and Cultural Society. Self-governance by students is encouraged. The Provost and Wardens seek the cooperation and assistance of Monitors and other representatives of students in the administration of hostel and in maintaining discipline.

Permission to live outside the Hall is given to students only if they are living at Roorkee with their parents or very close relations. Separate hostel facility is provided to the girls.


Well-furnished air-conditioned spacious classrooms and lecture halls gives the future managers and technocrats a focused arena to develop their personalities. The latest audio-visual aids and multimedia technology enables the faculty members to have interactive sessions of teaching, which adds confidence and enthusiasm among our students.


The College having three seminar hall.All are aesthetically designed Seminar Hall where  all the important workshops and seminars are held. The seminar hall is facilitated with the latest technology and is well – equipped with multimedia projectors. It can accommodate upto 200 students and interactive sessions are taken up by the teachers.

Central Library

Library is a very important component in the infrastructure of an academic institution. It plays a key role in the overall development of a student of that institution.
TECHWORDS management has a long vision and farsightedness for planning and establishing a Library for its students, which is well equipped with the latest technologies of today world and so comparable to all other sophisticated modern Libraries.

The various study resources available in TECHWORDS library can be divided into two major groups: Printed material and electronic material; printed material includes books, magazines, journals, and newspapers whereas electronic material is running under construction.

The library remains open round the clock on all days of the year except on National Holidays.


The enthusiasm source of energy" and is provided to the students from a well-designed and facilitated cafeteria, which is situated on the campus. The students relax and re-energize themselves and experience all seasons of the year in its serene atmosphere.


Career counseling

However, the focus is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues. Typically when people come for career counseling they know exactly what they want to get out of the process, but are unsure about how it will work.
In the Indian Career Counseling would usually be referred to as Careers Advice or Guidance.
Career counselors work with people from various walks of life such as adolescents seeking to explore career options, or experienced professionals contemplating a career change. Career counselors typically have a background in psychology, vocational psychology, or industrial/organizational psychology.


Training is about knowing where you stand (no matter how good or bad the current situation looks) at present, and where you will be after some point of time.

Training is about the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities through professional development.

Campus Recruitment

This program is designed to aid students in their preparation for Recruitment through Campus or outside campus. Students in their final leg of engineering studies looking for placement in reputed organizations can make use of this program to get trained to deliver their best in the selection processes of organizations such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Accenture, HCL etc etc. The participants will be trained thoroughly in the following areas.

    Aptitude Tests
    Group Discussion Process
    Interview Process

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TECHWORDS mission is to create a cadre of professional men and women who have been imparted specialized skills, have learnt to consider problems from a broad perspective and have acquired a heightened sense of moral and social responsibility for their future positions of leadership.

TECHWORDS is located in a serene environment in a picturesque location with a salubrious climate, about 6 Km from Roorkee city. The campus has ideal conditions for concentration and study being surrounded by pure and clean water of Ganga from two sides, one side is the famous Ganga canal flowing from Haridwar to Kanpur and the other side is mini canal. The sprawling lush green campus is spread over around 20 acres of land.

TECHWORDS is committed to deliver qualitative, meaningful and practical oriented professional training to the students. Our objective is to create a breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals for the corporate sector, the service industry, for self-employment and for academic & research institutions of socio-economic importance.

A matter with motion and a human with emotion can destroy, but at the same time, they and only they create when controlled. We strongly believe in human values and our commitment to the Nation and human society. Accordingly, our teaching-learning process is based on motivating factors and discipline, although in a relaxed natural ambience. We have created a secure, congenial and serene environment for both boy and girl students to make it their coveted educational destination, and we are still in the process of further development.

(Prof. R.N.Mishra)
B.E. (Hons.) M.Tech. Ph.D. (Leeds)
Ex. Professor I.I.T. Roorkee


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