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St. Michael's College is the undergraduate division of the USMC. Its students and faculty are members of the University of Toronto, whose dedication to academic excellence the College fully shares. The College implements the Mission of USMC in ways specific to its special connection with the University of Toronto.

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St Michael's College Conference Services offers you our facilities for all of your special events and conferences. Conveniently situated at the eastern end of the University of Toronto's campus, St Michael's buildings include a student centre, traditional dining hall, fully equipped theatre, library, meeting rooms, formal and informal lounges, a tiered council chamber and large assembly hall.

Conference Services hosts a variety of events - from weddings to annual meetings - and works closely with our Catering Department to customize your menu, room set up, and audiovisual requirements to suit your unique needs.

Students are drawn to St Michael’s for many reasons. The College provides a top-quality undergraduate experience at the heart of Canada's greatest research university. It offers a close-knit community which maintains its Catholic identity while welcoming people of all backgrounds.

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