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Canada is among the world’s favorite destinations for students. However, there are multiple reasons for study in Canada, the main one being the quality of education alongside the welcoming culture to be provided.

Education in Canada

The Ministry of Education in Canada emphasizes bringing in and retaining international students at Canadian universities after completion of their course. In this direction, many policies and programs have been inaugurated. Lately, major attractions have been for international students in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec, Montreal.


Because of its advanced education system, Canada has now become extremely popular among international students. Canada is best known for its stunning beauty and tidiness that tends to attract thousands of students. Canada is also politically stable as well as being a relatively safe place.

Canada’s dedicated education system is one of the richest countries in the world, with a strong economic climate, that makes it a desired higher learning education destination.

1. Canada holds its place as among the world’s leading levels when speaking about best education values. Canadian degrees are accepted and approved worldwide. All educational programs are regularly examined by the educational establishments to meet the high-quality standards, and before giving participation, schools need to satisfy enrollment norms.

2. Universities in Canada are universally recognized, inexpensive, and able to meet local and international students ‘ diverse educational needs.
Canada has some of the world’s top universities. 26 Canadian universities are among the best in the world, according to QS World University Rankings.

3. For international students of Canada, employment opportunities are high. Joined with Canada’s attention on industry-explicit connected research, it’s nothing unexpected that over 90% of Canadian alums are employed in under a half year after graduation.

4. According to a survey, Canada ranked 4th worldwide in terms of life quality. Different factors discussed in the poll were the quality of education, the percentage of literacy, security, stabilization, etc. In terms of sanitization, five cities in Canada positioned among the top 25. As there is a lot of music, theater, art, and nourishment in pretty much every region, you don’t have to travel a great deal for discovering experience and fun. In this manner, Canada is a calm and politically stable nation for International students.

5. Foreign students in Canada get a large number of scholarship opportunities contrasted with different nations. Specific academic and non – governmental scholarships are also available in Canada for international students.

6. In Canada, you are allowed to receive any essential language among English and French. The language of guidance of most of the courses in English. Though, a few courses are likewise educated in French. Students also have different language courses available. This offers foreign students a chance to gain proficiency in a foreign language and upgrade their profile.

7. Applicants must take the financial aspect into account, which is the most important part of the decision to study abroad. Education cost in Canada is more affordable when contrasted with nations like U.S.A, Australia, and other favored training goals.

Every one of the organizations in Canada gets open financing through the government which guarantees a lower educational cost expense and ensures that all colleges keep up the educational standards.

8. The student visa process is fairly straightforward for Canada compared to other countries. For Indian students wishing to study in Canada, the Student Partnership Program has made the visa application process easy and quick.


When contrasted with different nations, Canada has seen a significant increase in no. of international students as they have made the visa application process simple and quick.

Recently, the Canadian government has opened doors wide enough for students from the target countries, i.e. China, Vietnam, India, and the Philippines, with changes in the Student Partnership Program (SPP).

The presentation of SDS brings along lesser issue as far as money related documentation and handling time. Presently, if every one of the conditions is met, students can get their visa within 45 days in spite of the 60 days strategy which is as yet appropriate to different nations.

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