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If you are thinking to study in Germany, but are you puzzled with lack of information? Here on Merithut, we’ll provide with enough information.

Advantage from higher studies abroad enables you to progress in your career, become familiar with another dialect by making new companions and associating with different study programs, and increase an astonishing beneficial life experience to recollect for a considerable length of time to stop by examining and living as an outside understudy in Germany.

There are many colleges in Germany that have free or low-expense educational cost programs accessible for global understudies. Regardless of whether you need to consider Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, or Business, Germany is the spot to be.

Consolidating brilliant education with different culture of living in Germany is the prime reason why youngsters from all around the globe come to Germany.

As an international student in Germany, we have refined the study process in a few steps. To keep track of your current education phase and what you need to do to make your dream of studying in Germany a reality, follow these steps one by one.


The very first step in planning your studies in Germany is to find a university and choose a study program that suits your interests.

In any case, finding a college a study program may require some serious energy on the off chance that you haven’t given many ideas to this issue before beginning your application procedure to think about in Germany. The high number of accessible courses could be one reason you haven’t settled on a choice yet.

We propose you consider the investigation program something like 3 months before settling on an ultimate choice. This timeframe is sufficient to enable you to examine every German college that offers courses identified with your expert field.

When you locate those German colleges, you can concentrate on a list of colleges that appear to be perfect for you. You can either choose to concentrate on only one college or apply to a few that you like best to expand your chances for secure admission.


Since you have chosen what college and educational program you need to go to you should look at all the prerequisites. For this reason, you check the college website and their admission prerequisites section.
if you have any doubts or queries, never hesitate to contact the university directly.

Entry necessities are distinctive relying upon the college and the sort of educational program you choose, so it’s advised to read the prerequisites section several times.

You must get the documents ready four months prior to applying for your place at the University.


Your university success depends heavily on your German language skills, even if your program is in English. Having strong knowledge in German guarantees that you will understand study materials, understand what is taught in lectures while being able to properly express your thoughts.

To gain a basic understanding of the German language, we recommend starting at least 6 months before starting your course.


The subsequent stages are ensuring you have the required monetary intends to live and study in Germany. Under the present law, every foreign non-EU or non-EEA student must have adequate financial means during their studies to finance their living in Germany.


It is time for you to submit the application after double – verifying your application documents. The application can be done online; however, there might be colleges that get just applications to face to face or by post.
Contact your college to see you which way you can present your application.


You must obtain a German student visa if you are a student from a non – EU and non – EEA country.

We recommend that you contact the German embassy/immigration office by the time you collect the documents and make a visa appointment.

Make sure that you have adequate financial means to study in Germany. Opening a blocked bank account is one of the easiest and best ways to convince the authorities that you have enough money to cover your study and living costs.

We recommend opening a blocked financial balance with Fintiba. Fintiba is a German organization and is authoritatively endorsed by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The German embassy/consulate in your home country, along with other documents, will also require you to obtain a health insurance policy before you obtain a student visa.


Accommodation is not so costly there. but it’s common that you should aim to find the most financially suitable place for you as a foreign student.


The last step to authoritatively be given a spot at your preferred college is to take an enrolling the course where you have taken the admission. In this context, the enlistment procedure takes you from a fruitful candidate to an enrolled student there in Germany.

By enrolling your educational program in Germany, you need to go directly to the administration office and submit the required documents:

• valid passport
• passport size photo
• application form filled and signed properly
• your educational qualification degrees
• admission letter
• health insurance proof
• Receipt of payment fee.

An important note: after completion of the previous one, you need to re-register every semester and you will have to cover the same registration costs again.

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