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Vidyasagar Institute of Management

Dear Friends,

The prime focus of VIM to impart a high level of management teaching with a live industry interface. The mission is to ensure that each young manager is capable of maintaining a high level of professionalism in every aspect of business world. In order to achieve this objective, the institution has taken definitive steps to inculcate a corporate culture amongst its students and faculties right from the day one.

I am committed and dedicated to my institute for a complete transformation of our institution into a overwhelming corporate learning body that constantly amazes and thrills.

My special attention also goes to our alumni and students both to develop a sense of loyalty and fellowship rather than a mere satisfaction, during and after, their learning from our institution. We are set by a commitment to continuous improvement.

We are progressing with a vision to we a world class centre of excellence in learning and innovation driven by social sensitivities and state of art technology. We aspire to make it top rated educational institutes in the nation offering contemporary education, high quality research, training and consultancy.

To be very precise, the following five parameters set VIM unique from the other B-Schools –Extensive Industry Interaction, Innovative Pedagogy, Knowledge Management, Practical Workshops/Training, Intense Academics and Research.

VIM is the only institute offering a wide range of specializations under one roof.

Best Wishes
Dr. Vikas Saraf


VIM has 9 classrooms with seating capacities ranging from 60 students to 90 students. The classrooms are all air conditioned and specially designed for interactive participation, with executive-style seating and furniture. Although the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, each room is also equipped with a LAN port for cable-enabled internet access. Each classroom is also equipped with equipment for projection facilities to enable presentations, and video-based and audio-based sessions.

Classroom space at the VIM’s campus is adequate for not only the MBA program, but also sufficient to accommodate several simultaneous training and executive education programs, when required.


It is an invaluable resource with approximately 10, 000 books to cater the needs of students and faculty members. The library subscribes a number of foreign and Indian journals related to advance managerial programes. It remains open for fairly long hours everyday for the convenience of the students. The library brings out several publications for reference purposes. Reference, reprographic, database search, audio-visual facility, industrial information, press clippings, articles are made available on request.

The VIM Library is an invaluable resource for students, researchers and faculties of business and management. The library has over the years built a robust collection of over 11,000 books, 65 current subscriptions to journals, magazine and news papers. Many other resources like research papers, articles, student’s project reports, CDs and videos.

In keeping with the Vision and Mission of the Institute, the library and information services play a vital role in supporting, teaching and learning activities, and provide the main source for individual research at VIM. Library is meant to help academic community to keep abreast with the latest development in their area of activities and to provide information support for research and consultancy. At the same time for students, library is a source to get information support for their course curriculum as well as for their self-development.


To meet the information/ research needs of Ph. D students
To meet the information/ research requirements of the faculty members
To meet the urgent requirements of all faculty members & students
To support the learning process of students

Salient Features

Book circulation
Enrich with core management literature available
Fully automated library
Library resources accessible through INTERNET & INTRANET

Learning Resources

Annual Report & Working Papers
Audio-Video Cassettes
Case Studies
Educational CD
Journals & E-Journals
Magazines & Newspapers
Online Databases
Project Reports


Library of Vidyasagar Institute of Management, Bhopal is caters for Students, Faculty, Visiting Faculty, Research Scholar, Research Associates, Officer and Staff of the Institute. External membership is provided to VIM’s Alumni, outside Ph.D. students/corporate executives/professionals/faculty in other educational Institutions on payment basis in addition to institution members. External members need for apply for membership through forms available at the circulation counter in the library.

Information Technology Infrastructure

VIM firmly believes in the maximal use and full leveraging of Information and Communication Technology in all spheres of its activities.  Faculty and students are actively encouraged to use state of the art technologies in teaching, learning, research, and allied academic endeavours.  To facilitate this, VIM has built a world class ICT infrastructure comprising of high quality hardware, software and communication systems, over the past decade.

The institute provides high end laptops of industry standard configuration to students and faculty, along with LAN connections (both wired and wireless), in addition to 24/7 Internet connectivity.  These computers are networked via high-end blade servers and managed switches.  Two ISPs together deliver a total bandwidth of 7 MBPS (1:1);  this bandwidth ably supports the various services offered such as email, browsing, access to vital databases (online  as well as in-LAN), and several other resources on the institute’s intranet.  The institute has put in place Video-Conferencing facilities.  These facilities are used for class room functioning, group meetings, and virtual and interactive lectures and discussions.  Facilities such as laser printers, DVD writers and scanners are also available for peripheral support.

The institute’s a Computer Center labs,  nine class rooms with full ICT support, two hostel blocks having LAN connected PCs, amply enrich its academic machinery.  Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) equipment provide electric power in the event of power failure.

ICT has been effectively deployed at VIM for administrative functions too.  VIM’s sprawling 19.2 acre residential campus, is now fully connected, thanks to a Web Committee of projects undertaken and executed by VIM’s ICT team.

Sports Complex

Facilities for indoor/ outdoor games and recreation activities are available. Games such as Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table tennis, Basketball and Volleyball are very popular among the student community. Fitness conscious students can work out in the gymnasium or go for a jog around the scenic campus. For those who prefer to stay indoors, there is Chess, Carom or Bridge etc.


VIM has a new croquet lawn now at campus. Infrastructure cell initiated drive to sell all the junks and waste paper, this collection helped in buying sports equipment for croquet.

Basketball court:

Recently VIM inaugurated an improved basketball court. On the inauguration day, students thronged to see the matches, which were followed by DJ night.

Badminton court:

Badminton tournament was held earlier this year. Based the overwhelming response in participation and popularity, VIM has planned for another badminton court on campus

Mess & Canteen

The VIM family including authorities, the faculty members and the students all dine together to have a feeling of belongingness.

The central dining hall, with a seating capacity of 100 diners is equipped with its own bakery and provides well-planned, varied, balanced and appetizing vegetarian food prepared in strict hygienic conditions. The day starts with serving of snacks and milk early in the morning and ends with serving nourishing milk before going to bed. We always seek perfection and are constantly on the vigil to detect and take care of even the slightest lacuna in the campus. Smooth functioning of the mess ensuring quality food preparation, appetizing varieties and mouth-watering aroma can only be realized by being there.

Not far behind from McDonalds, our Cafeteria achieves the students from the hectic schedule. Magnificent Cafeteria, reverberating by the lively music is a specialty of the Institute.

The student mess is as the name suggests, exclusive to the students. Guests of students, faculty and visitors may also eat here intermittently. Only Vegetarian meal plans are available on monthly basis. For shorter periods, coupons may be bought in advance or on the spot.

Offering three wholesome Indian meals and a high tea, the cuisine is an elective mix from across India.

Breakfast consists of continental as well as Indian foods. toast, cornflakes, fresh fruit, tea, coffee or malt flavoured milk. And hot Indian snacks like stuffed parathas, upma, etc.

The basic format of the mail meals [Lunch & Dinner] conform to the Indian staple: Chappatis/Parathas/Puris [flat, unleavened breads], 2 curries[green Vegetables, Pulses], 1 Subzi [dry green Vegetable] Dal & Rasam [Lentil soups of the North Indian and South Indian cuisines respectively], Dahi [plain Yogurt], Salad, Papad[fried Crispies], Pickles, Rice.

The desert for Lunch consists of fresh fruit. Whereas, desert for dinner, would be any Indian variety, ice-cream and occasionally, pastries/cake.

In deference to the needs of our global students, lightly spiced or bland food is also available at every meal in the same elaborate menu! Students may also post special requests on the Institute’s intranet thru ebabble on messnb. The mess secretary, a student representative, will help facilitate the same.

Meals are cooked using the freshest possible ingredients which take care, to a large extent, of the hygiene factor. The Student Affairs Officer coordinates with the mess contractor to ensure up-keep of the premise. Occasionally, the campus doctor and members of welfare committee visit and eat in the student mess. No leftover food, or food preserved in freezers over a period of time is served.

Recruitment Process

The on-campus recruiting program at VIM, noted for its focus on corporate customer service, provides a convenient way for you to interview our students for permanent employment and summer internships.

The process has been designed jointly by the faculty, recruiters and students over the years and tries to optimise the interests of all stakeholders in the placement process.

Different courses/programs of the institute have different (though overlapping) placement seasons.

For MBAs, the placement season commences in November with the summer internship placement and ends with the graduate placement in March. VIM follows a cohort-based system of placements, where companies are invited to recruit in various slots depending on the preference of the students.

For Undergraduates, the placement season begins in December and completes by March end. Preplacement talks can start from September -October timeframe.

For the detailed training/placement calendar and co-ordinating your participation in placements, please write to the Training & Placement Officer

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