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What Came First? The Dinosaur Or The Egg?

What Came First? The Dinosaur Or The Egg?

Posted On 26 Feb 2019

On a recent Saturday, teenagers gathered at the Explorer’s Club in the Upper East Side for the 3rd talk in the “Saturday Science for Students” series. Sponsored by Molloy’s Center for Environmental Research and its Department of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Studies, these sessions offer a chance for high-schoolers to hear scientists from different fields present their career paths, interests, and research. This particular event, titled “My Career in Developmental Biology; What Came First: The Dinosaur or the Egg?”, featured Dr. Anthony J. Tolvo, professor of Biology at Molloy College.


In a practical, no-nonsense way, Dr. Tolvo presented his research to the audience, starting appropriately with the beginning of all things: the cell … stem cells, to be precise, and their specific behaviors. On a wall of the stately Clark Room, Dr. Tolvo displayed a photo of a chicken embryo, pointing out its particular structure, and drawing attention to the fact that as vertebrates, birds have a similar structure to human beings, an interesting point to consider a week prior to Thanksgiving. He then moved on from that comparison to point out evidence showing birds evolved from dinosaurs, such as the three digits on their forelimbs, the hollowness of their bones, and, evocatively, feather impressions on fossils.

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